As we begin a new year, have a broader view |

As we begin a new year, have a broader view

One thing we know for sure is perception is different for every individual. We all see life with a little different flavor than those around us. At times this is very subtle while others the differences are dramatic. We feel this during a disagreement. You and the involved party clash in perspective of the situation. It can be very uncomfortable for all involved.

Another example of different points of view is when we feel stuck in a problem or issue. We see it from the angle of conflict and limitation. This leads to difficulty in finding a resolution. It’s not until we are able to shift the viewpoint that there is movement and new information becomes available; soon after you find yourself more in the solution than the problem.

Eagles fly high, soaring above the chaos and busyness that we live in down here close to the earth. They are able to see life below from a very different perspective. The eagle can see across time. Because the view is broad the eagle is able to see what is ahead.

When we become limited in our view we need to rise above to gain insight. Life is busy and we can become weighted down by challenges. When solutions seem out of reach it’s time to gain a broader view, like the view of an eagle. Raising your perspective can also relieve the pressure of the emotions involved. Rising above any situation allows you to see the bigger picture, to see more than just your limited point of view. Simply by intending to detach for a moment to gain a broader view brings freedom and wisdom to the issue at hand. You remove yourself from the weight of the difficulty because you can not find solutions while remaining in the problem.

Embrace your inner ability to rise above. Fly like an eagle to remind yourself you are not your problems. You are much, much more.

Bridgette DeBoer M.A., is a licensed alcohol and drug counselor, marriage and family therapist. She can be reached at 450-6632.