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4-H members compete in The Nevada Junior Livestock Show & Sale

by Members of the 4-H Livestock Projects
Special to The R-C

A fun and educational time was had by all Douglas County 4-H Market Animal members during the four-day, 2013 Nevada Junior Livestock Show held in Reno on May 16-19. The event hosts 4-H and FFA members from across Nevada and neighboring California counties. For four days, youth compete in livestock judging, market and breeding contests, fun festivities and the final sale and auction. We would like to thank all of our supporters and buyers who helped make this the best year ever. 4-H is a youth development program of The University of Nevada Cooperative Extension.

Special thanks to local businesses Raley’s, Bently Ranch, Les Schwab and other private supporters and businesses who supported our youth.

Round Robin

Class 218 Junior Round Robin

Third — Lillie McKinney

Class 19 Intermediate Round Robin

Eighth — Faye Fournier

Youth Advisory Council

Cheyenne Bidart — Scholarship Winner

Meleeah McKown


Class 188 Rabbit Herdsmanship

First — Carson Valley FFA

Market Goats Class 69 (75-120 lbs)

First — Lillie McKinney

Fourth — Kelsey Lalonde

Class 63 Novice Goat Showmanship

Second — Kelsey Lalonde

Class 64 Junior Showmanship

Lillie McKinney

Market Rabbits

Class 91 Rabbit Single Fryer (1)

Third — Kasey Williams

Class 179 Rabbit Meat Pen (3)

Fifth — Hailey Fournier

Sixth — Faye Fournier

Class 92 Meat Pen Rabbits (3)

First and Grand Champion — Hailey Fournier

Third — Faye Fournier

Fifth — Raven Harmon

Rabbit Showmanship

Class 87 Junior Rabbit Showmanship

Third — Hailey Fournier

Class 88 Intermediate Rabbit Showmanship

First and Champion — Faye Fournier

Class 89 Senior Rabbit Showmanship

Seventh — Melissa Russell

Market Steers

Class 9 (1000-1350lbs)

First — Cheyenne Bidart

Sheep Breeding

Class123 WS&D Yearling Ram

First — Ethan McKinney

Class 124 Ch. & Res. WS&D Ram

First and Champion — Ethan McKinney

Class 126 WS&D Winter Ewe Lamb

Fourth — Cheyenne Bidart

Class 127 WS&D Summer/Fall Ewe Lamb

First — Ethan McKinney

Eighth — Lillie McKinney

Class 128 WS&D Pair of Ewe Lambs

Third — Ethan McKinney

Class 129 WS&D Yearling Ewe

Fourth — Cheyenne Bidart

Class 133 Ch. & Res. WS&D Ewe

Second Reserve Champion — Ethan McKinney

Class 144 Best Bred & Owned

Second — Ethan McKinney

Class 145 Overall Champion Ram Prospect lambs

First and Champion — Ethan McKinney

Class 102 Best Home Grown Market Lamb

Second — Ethan McKinney

Class 103 Sheep Market Group

First — Douglas County-5/Carson Valley Shepherds

Market Lambs

Class 100 Market Lambs (105-150)

First — Molly Coverley

First — Grady Frensdorff

First — Ethan McKinney

Second— Emily Hone

Second — Hannah Winans

Third — Rachel Godecke

Third — Robyn Rubio

Third — McKenzie Lewallen

Third — Kelsey Nalder

Fourth — Grace Bonafede

Fourth — Crystal Ann Smith

Fifth — Martha Morales

Fifth — Dominique Groffman

Sixth — Alexis Holman

Sixth — Corie Nalder

Seventh — Shaylynn Walters

Class 93 Novice Sheep Showmanship

Fourth — Molly Coverley

Seventh — Martha Morales

Class 94 Junior Sheep Showmanship

Third — Molly Coverley

Fifth — Lillie McKinney

Class 95 Intermediate Sheep Showmanship

Fourth — Ethan McKinney

Class 96 Senior Sheep Showmanship

Fifth — Cheyenne Bidart

Sixth — Corie Nalder


Class 154 Market Swine (210-265 lbs)

First — Amanda Hone

Second — Caitlyn Bidart

Second — Douglas VanNest

Second — Christopher Smalley

Fourth — Madison Smalley

Fourth — Sarah VanNest

Fifth — Denver McGill

Class 148 Junior Swine Showmanship

Third — Amanda Hone

Class 149 Intermediate Swine Showmanship

Fourth — Meleeah McKown

Fifth — Payson McGill

Sixth — Denver McGill

Eighth — Sarah VanNest

Class 150 Senior Showmanship

Fourth — Caitlyn Bidart