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4-H members compete in annual Nevada livestock show

4-H Livestock Projects Members
Ruby Hanson, Reese Christensen, Brenna Baugh, Courtney Polish, Evan Lawrence, Whitney Walters and Shaylynn Walters help out at the auction

2018 Nevada Junior Livestock Show and Sale Douglas County 4-H Placings

Reg. Jr. Yearling Calf

4th Paige Radelfinger

Junior Round Robin

1st Courtney Polish

Senior Round Robin

2nd Lillie McKinney

Reg/Unreg Junior Doe

1st Lillie McKinney

3rd Lillie McKinney

Reg/Unreg Pair of Does

1st Lillie McKinney

Ch. & Res. Meat Goat Doe

1st Lillie McKinney

Feeder Goats

1st Lillie McKinney

Senior Market Goat Showmanship

1st Lillie McKinney

Sheep Breeding

WS&D Winter Ram Lamb

1st Lillie McKinney

Ch. & Res. WS&D Ram

1st Lillie McKinney

WS&D Spring Ewe Lamb

1st Lillie McKinney

WS&D Summer/Fall Ewe Lamb

1st Caleb Apple

2nd Lillie McKinney

WS&D Yearling Ewe

1st Lillie McKinney

3rd Shelby Apple

4th Lillie McKinney

5th Caleb Apple

WS&D Pair of Yearling Ewes

1st Lillie McKinney

WS&D Ch. & Res. Breeding Ewe

1st Lillie McKinney

2nd Caleb Apple

Young Flock

1st Lillie McKinney


1st Lillie McKinney

Best Bred and Owned

1st Lillie McKinney

Overall Champion Ram

1st Lillie McKinney

Overall Champion Ewe

1st Lillie McKinney

Market Lambs

Best Home Grown Market Lamb

7th Lillie McKinney

Market Lambs (105-150)


Caleb Apple

Caleb Apple

Evan Lawrence

Shelby Apple

Shelby Apple

Shaylynn Walters

Reese Christensen

Courtney Polish

Lillie McKinney

Ruby Hanson

Whitney Walters

Debra Rego

Brenna Baugh

Ariana Bilderback

Logan Laxague

Sheep Showmanship

Novice Sheep Showmanship

1st Ruby Hanson

Junior Sheep Showmanship

1st Courtney Polish

3rd Whitney Walters

7th Brenna Baugh

Intermediate Sheep Showmanship

6th Reese Christensen

Senior Sheep Showmanship

2nd Lillie McKinney

7th Caleb Apple


Feeder Swine

1st Kianna Smokey

Market Swine

Swine Market Group

1st 1/Douglas County

Market Swine (210-285 lbs)


Jace Radelfinger

Hayden Hanson

Jackson Barbee

Elizabeth Billman

Debra Rego

Randolph Rego

Ember Kelly

Aspen Smokey

Luke Fournier


Sarah VanNest

Sarah VanNest

Brendan Keely

Novice Swine Showmanship

1st Hayden Hanson

Junior Swine Showmanship

4th Jackson Barbee

Intermediate Swine Showmanship

6th Jace Radelfinger

Fun and hard work were the themes for Douglas County 4-H Livestock Project members during the 79th Annual Nevada Junior Livestock Show held at the Reno Livestock Events Center, May 2-6.

The event hosts 4-H, FFA and Grange and Independent youth from across Nevada and neighboring California counties.

Livestock Projects members competing in: goat, sheep, steer and swine, attended with their families, friends and supporters. It’s a really big commitment for families to spend five days in Reno for the show. Many of our Senior 4-H members show FFA at this show and are able to receive school credit in their Ag class at school. Younger members must take time off from school to show.

During the course of the event, youth competed in market and breeding contests, fun festivities and the final sale and auction. We would like to thank all of our supporters and buyers who helped make this such a positive experience for the youth! We would especially like to thank our 4-H Leaders, who volunteer their time year-round: Nita Vick (Zulian) 29-year volunteer Carson Valley 4-H Shepherds, Matt McKinney 12-year volunteer Douglas County 4-H Goat Project, Ben Rego 10-year volunteer and Randy Rego (teen leader) 11-year member of Douglas County 4-H Swine Project. 4-H is a youth development program of The University of Nevada Cooperative Extension.