TV show features Minden boutique

The Pink Rose Manager Haley Sellers and Owner Kelle Sampson

The Pink Rose Manager Haley Sellers and Owner Kelle Sampson
Photo by Sarah Drinkwine.

The red carpet, or rather a pink one, is being rolled out for the Pink Rose on Saturday, who are being featured nationally on “The American Dream” TV show.

Hosted by Craig Sewing, “The American Dream” is a national TV show that highlights businesses, entrepreneurs, real estate, lifestyle, and culture across the country.

“Real stories in real neighborhoods with real experts, the opportunity to achieve our biggest goals and aspirations,” Sewing says during the introduction of the show.

Pink Rose owner Kelle Sampson said her team and customers are looking forward to both the premiere and the show.

“Our customers are very excited and that makes us excited,” she said. “That’s what makes it so special to us, because our favorite part of what we do here is interacting with our customers, both locals and meeting new people. So, to be rewarded for that is really special.”

The Pink Rose opened at its current location in September 2019. Prior to that, Sampson, who has a degree in design, said she had a business above the Overland Hotel in Gardnerville where she would bring accessories to her office.

“I just thought a boring office was not very fun, so I started bringing accessories and décor in and it became very popular, and everything progressed from there,” said Sampson.

The Pink Rose is a boutique carrying everything from clothing for women and men, and accessories to home décor and furniture.

As stated in the introduction of “The American Dream,” “people are the connection; people are the expansion,” the Pink Rose thrives to connect with their customers.

“Our goal is to make everyone who comes in feel welcome and happy to be shopping with us,” said Sampson.

Sampson said the show has hosts in different states who explore different businesses and places to highlight on the show and the Pink Rose was the one, out of thousands that could have been chosen, to be in the spotlight.

“We were shocked,” said Sampson. “They said we were unique and that we had such a variety of things we offer.”

The Pink Rose welcomes the community to celebrate with them during the premiere Saturday at the store. Sampson said there will be local vendors, hat makers, handmade pottery, gourmet cupcakes, and more, including the hosts of the American Dream who are bringing pink charcuterie boxes to honor the Pink Rose.

“It’s going to be a good time, we are looking forward to celebrating with everyone,” said Sampson.


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