Man faces habitual felon status in identity theft

Thomas Christopher Hayes appeared in Tahoe Township Justice Court on Tuesday.

Thomas Christopher Hayes appeared in Tahoe Township Justice Court on Tuesday.

A man who said he was the victim of identity theft asked Tuesday that the alleged thief be kept in custody while he obtained a new Social Security Number.

The subject of the request, Thomas Christopher Hayes, 34, was booked on multiple felonies and misdemeanors related to false identity on Monday morning.

Hayes’ bail was set at $100,000 cash or bond by Tahoe Township Justice Court Mike Johnson.

“One of the things I’m concerned about from the report I received is that he was able to recite my full name, date of birth and full Social Security Number,” said the reported victim, who appeared virtually at Tuesday afternoon’s hearing. “He has the ability to impersonate me and someone else. If he were to be released, there is nothing to stop him from using my number, yet again.”

Prosecutor Jim Sibley said he stopped counting Hayes’ prior felonies at nine.

“The victim had his identity stolen and was tormented for years,” Sibley said arguing for a higher bail. “Not only did he get arrested with a fake ID and a stolen vehicle purchased with this individual’s name, he has nine prior felony convictions, mostly involving theft and forgery.”

There are three outstanding warrant, including one extraditable nationwide, according to Sibley. He said the District Attorney’s Office was proposing to seek habitual offender status for Hayes, which carries a life sentence.

Attorney Max Stovall said that his client couldn’t afford $10,000, much less $100,000.

“He has no money and no ability to get out,” he said.

Among the charges Hayes was booked on are three counts of impersonating another person, possession or sale of fake ID, possession of less than 14 grams of a controlled substance and possession of a stolen vehicle.


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