Alvarado appointed new Douglas County superintendent

Ukiah Unified Assistant Superintendent Frankie Alvarado was selected to be Douglas County School Superintendent late Tuesday night.

Ukiah Unified Assistant Superintendent Frankie Alvarado was selected to be Douglas County School Superintendent late Tuesday night.

More than six months after the contract for Keith Lewis was terminated, Douglas County School Board trustees approved a four-year contract with Frankie Alvarado on Tuesday, hiring him as the new superintendent of the Douglas County School.

Alvarado was offered the position during the June 11 school board meeting.

“I just want to say it’s an honor and privilege to be appointed superintendent of the Douglas County School District and I look forward to working with the trustees and the entire school community which is students, parents, teachers, classified staff and everybody for the betterment of students in the programs that we offer,” said Alvarado.

Trustee Doug Englekirk made a motion to approve the contract, which was seconded by Trustee Katherine Dickerson, and passed with Trustees Yvonne Wagstaff, Linda Gilkerson and Carey Kangas opposed.

The three wanted to amend the contract to give Alvarado a one-year probation period and change the term to three years. The amendment was rejected by David Burns, Susan Jansen, Englekirk and Dickerson.

The contract, which became effective on Wednesday expires July 9, 2028, and is for the maximum period allowed under the state law. Alvarado will also receive $175,000 for the first year.

After the completion of the first year, Alvarado would receive a 3-percent step increase, a 4-percent after the second year and 5 percent after the third year. 

Under the contract, Alvarado could be fired for cause without a hearing or any penalties. Should the school decide to terminate him without cause, Alvarado would have to be notified 90 days in advance and paid severance, all of the aggregate salary, allowances and compensation.

Alvarado comes from Ukiah, Calif. where he has served as the assistant superintendent since May 2023.  He has over 15 years of teaching and administration experience. He holds a bachelor of arts in liberal studies: human development and a master of education from the University of La Verne, Calif.

Alvarado is looking forward to working alongside the board to help improve the district.

“I acknowledge and understand that there’s been a lot of disconnect in the district and we are going to face more challenges,” he said. “We are going to experience successes and I hope each of those provides us an opportunity to unify and strengthen our bond so that we are heading in the right direction to serve kids and providing the best possible atmosphere for our employees in both retaining and recruiting highly qualified employees. While we do all this work, I hope we have fun as well, it’s important that we do that.”


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