The Sept. 13, 2023, R-C Morning Report

Kurt Hildebrand ready to watch some airplanes at the last Reno Air Races.

Kurt Hildebrand ready to watch some airplanes at the last Reno Air Races.

Stead, Nev. — It’s going to take a bit to get all of what happened last night at the Douglas County School Board sorted out. There was apparently an issue with the contract with attorney Joey Gilbert, and the board will send out a newsletter every month to parents.

Reporter Sarah Drinkwine was at the meeting and will be sorting it all out today. She tells me the meeting lasted six hours.

Planning commissioners laid the conditions on pretty thick on the Monte Vista townhome project on Tuesday, including no parking on the main collector through the project. Former Community Development Director Mimi Moss weighed in on the project with suggested conditions. 

As predicted, the project in the Gardnerville Ranchos was continued to the October meeting at the request of both staff and the developer while they try to work out the traffic considerations.

I’m writing the Morning Report from the Reno Air Races this morning. I’ve got my credentials and I’m headed into the briefing.

The weather forecast for sunny skies today is the same as it has been all week, but the actual afternoon skies, not so much. The high temperature of 83 degrees and northwest winds at 5 mph seem fairly likely, though.

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