Woman denies 16 more charges in fentanyl bust that sent deputies to hospital

Jessica Thomas

Jessica Thomas

A woman set for an Aug. 8-18 trial in Douglas County District Court her involvement in an Oct. 20, 2022, drug bust that sent five deputies to the hospital for fentanyl exposure, denied 16 additional felonies on Monday.

Jessica Thomas, 32, denied charges of high level possession, sale and trafficking of the controlled substance in Douglas County District Court.

During a preliminary hearing in East Fork Justice Court May 5, Thomas was charged with as many as nine major drug transactions. At that hearing, video and audio evidence of Thomas making the transactions were played including one where she is heard complaining about her driver.

As a result, prosecutors amended the complaint to include additional transactions that occurred in Minden, which were upheld May 5.

The new charges are in connection with three 2022 drug sales that allegedly occurred on Aug. 31, Sept. 20 and Oct. 7, which included 1.5 pounds of methamphetamine and almost 6 ounces of fentanyl that sold for $11,400.

The most serious new charge Thomas is facing is a high-level trafficking charge which carries a maximum penalty of 10 years to life in prison.

It has yet to be decided if a second trial will be held or if the cases will be combined. She faces decades in prison if convicted.


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