Drug-impaired driver in injury accident goes to prison

Elene Tobie Lamb

Elene Tobie Lamb

A motorcyclist said he spent 29 days in a coma after suffering a traumatic brain injury in a June 2021 collision with a woman who was driving under the influence of drugs.

Elene Tobi Lamb, 52, said she didn’t see the motorcyclist when she turned onto Palamino Drive into Ruhenstroth at her sentencing hearing on Monday.

Lamb was sentenced to 3-7 years in prison and was given credit for 31 days time served.

According to court documents, a blood test revealed Lamb had methamphetamine in her system at the time of accident.

“She took so much from me and for what?” the man testified. “So, she can get high, a temporary high? I was worth more than that. She did not kill me, but she took my life away in more ways than one. I have no anger against the defendant, but I hope she realizes that there’s no drug that leads to a good thing.”

The man was thrown 50 feet as a result of the collision and has had serious disabilities related to the injury since.

“This wasn’t just an accident,” said Prosecutor Chelsea Mazza. “It was a horrible decision to not only get high, but to get behind a wheel. That is not a mistake that is a decision.”


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