Tahoe collision results in prison term



A soccer youth coach, who survived a horrific June 18, 2022, vehicle collision, testified that she is in pain every day after a collision with a Dayton man who admitted to driving under the influence causing substantial bodily harm.

Anthony Angel Llamas, 22, was sentenced to 2-5 years in prison and taken into custody on Tuesday.

Both the women, who were in a Toyota Rav 4 and headed to get pizza with the soccer team that evening, described how the collision at Presbyterian Curve on Highway 50 affected them.

The passenger, who was navigating, said she suffered from a broken back and was unconscious when she was pulled from the wreckage.

She said just a few minutes earlier they were discussing whether her daughter would be riding in the vehicle.

Her husband was following a few cars behind, and she said he thought she was dead.

“Drinking and driving is a choice,” she said. “When you make a decision like Anthony did, there are consequences.”

Attorney Adam Spicer and prosecutor Jim Sibley asked District Judge Tod Young to follow the negotiated agreement in the case.

“One bad day can alter so many lives,” Spicer said of the collision. Llamas grew up in Dayton and was studying to be a nurse.

He’d already received a phlebotomist certificate and was attending Western Nevada College.

“Here’s someone who was off to a great start, and this makes it harder,” he said.

“This was a horrible situation on all fronts and changed the lives of a number of people,” Sibley said.

“I regret what I did every day,” Llamas read from a written statement. “I wasn’t thinking of the consequences, though I knew better.”

Llamas was driving a BMW on Highway 50 with a .11 blood alcohol content when he crossed the centerline.

In addition to a mandatory prison term, Llamas will have to make $521,942.17 in restitution. He was ordered to return to court within two weeks of his release to make payments arrangements.


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