Douglas digging out after weekend snowstorm

A tractor plows the parking lot of Gardnerville Station in the S-curve.

A tractor plows the parking lot of Gardnerville Station in the S-curve.

As efforts continue to remove snow and restore power, Douglas County urges residents to prepare for the next round of winter storms.

Douglas County is urging residents to prepare in advance for the upcoming storms.

“Our community should avoid unnecessary travel and have emergency plans in place in case of power outages, flooding, and dangerous snow conditions,” officials said.

At 1:45 p.m., the National Weather Service issued a winter weather advisory for 7 a.m. to 4 p.m. Wednesday for Carson Valley.

Total wet snow accumulations of 1-3 inches on the valley floors and 3-6 inches above 5,000 feet.

In Minden, the forecast calls for half an inch of snow on Wednesday morning then around an inch of rain with the possibility that it could turn to snow at times overnight into Thursday.

In preparation for the next storm agencies across the county are running snowplows in an effort to get ahead of the snow.
Each of the towns and general improvement districts conduct snow removal operations on their streets while private contractors plow snow on parking lots and other private property.

Douglas County said it is working around the clock to prioritize street plowing.

As part of that effort, the county released its priority list for plowing on Tuesday afternoon.

Priority Level 1

Arterial roadways are always addressed first. Arterial roadways are major roadways having high traffic volumes and high operating speeds. Those roadways providing critical access links within the county and the majority of the county’s snow removal equipment is needed to keep arterial roadways safe for travel. Arterial roadways are the top priority to ensure accessibility for emergency vehicles, to provide adequate width for vehicle lanes and breakdown areas, and to minimize surface icing.

Priority Level 2

Collector roadways and local streets. Once snowfall subsides and arterial roadways have been safely cleared, equipment is then deployed to plow collector roadways and school bus routes. Collector roadways distribute traffic between arterial roadways and residential streets and often serve as links between subdivisions. Collector roadways normally do not provide direct access to private property.

Priority Level 3

County maintained unpaved roads: These roads consist of all county-maintained unpaved roads. Normal snowfall (one foot or less) will be removed within 72 hours, or as warranted, if personnel and equipment are available.

In addition, priority has been given to plowing Clear Creek, Alpine View, and Fairgrounds area so they can get to critical sites and refuel generators.


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