Road rage results in guilty plea to assault with a deadly weapon

A man who said he knew the difference between brandishing a firearm and assault with a deadly weapon faces the possibility of up to a half-dozen years in prison.

Jacob David Stephens, 22, admitted to one count of assault with a deadly weapon. Prosecutors agreed to cap their sentencing recommendation at 12-30 months.

According to court documents, Stephens pointed a handgun at a couple during a road rage incident on Oct. 8, 2022.

The couple was driving eastbound down Kingsbury Grade and said Stephens was tailgating them in a Dodge pickup diesel truck.

They said Stephens pulled to the right side of their vehicle then pointed a gun at them and was yelling. The couple continued east on Mottsville Lane, and Stephens followed them.

A DCSO deputy spotted the two vehicles at the intersection of Mottsville Lane and Highway 88.

The deputy followed the two vehicles until more sheriff’s units were in the area and a traffic stop was conducted.

After detaining Stephens, DCSO deputies asked if he had any weapons on him.

Stephens admitted there was a gun in his vehicle. Upon searching, a black plastic handgun holster was located in the driver door and a handgun without a magazine was on the floorboard directly behind the driver’s seat.

In the center console two magazines were located with ammunition loaded along with two boxes of ammunition and a third loaded magazine was located on the passenger seat.

Stephens told a deputy on his way to Douglas County Jail that he knew the difference between brandishing a firearm and assault. Stephens said what he did, he believes, was brandish the weapon by putting it out the window in their direction and holding it near his driver’s side door.

Sentencing is set for April 10.

• A $25,000 nationwide warrant was issued Monday for 52-year-old Michael C. Breitenbucher. According to court documents Breitenbucher failed to pay child support in the amount of $40,804 and was granted a deferred sentence in 2017.

He was required to pay the amount within five years.

He was scheduled to be heard Dec. 5, 2022, for a status hearing, which he failed to appear.

After failing to appear for an order to show cause hearing Monday, a warrant was issued for his arrest.


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