April 26, 2023, R-C Letters to the Editor

A sandhill crane keeps its eggs warm in this photo by Minden photographer Jay Aldrich.

A sandhill crane keeps its eggs warm in this photo by Minden photographer Jay Aldrich.

Cook’d helped in time of emergency


Douglas County Board of County Commissioners, the Emergency Operations Command (EOC) and the Emergency Flood Information Call Center would like to thank Cook’d restaurant and owners, Bryan and Lavinia Miller for donating more than 30 lunches to Douglas County and those working through the weekend to support emergency operations on March 11.  During the most recent atmospheric river event, Douglas County and members of the East Fork Fire District staff and volunteers worked around the long hours to provide critical services and information to our community.  Cook’d voluntarily supplied a delicious lasagna meal with salad and garlic bread.  We are thankful for your generosity and commitment to serving our staff and the residents of Douglas County. 

Scott Morgan

EOC Logistics

Douglas County Community Services Director

Supreme court is nonethical?


It is reported that there are no formal, written, provisions for the ethical behavior of Supreme Court judges. 

Article III, Section 2 (second paragraph) of the Constitution specifies that the supreme Court’s jurisdiction shall be under such regulations as the Congress shall make.  The words used are “shall” not “may.”  

This surely seems to authorize, and direct that, the Congress is to, amongst other things, set rules of ethical conduct which should include the discipline of Judges who violate those rules.  To my knowledge, in our 200 plus year history, Congress nor the Court has ever passed a single regulation pertaining to ethical behavior of the supreme Court.  Does this make the supreme Court nonethical, that is without a formal code of ethics?

There are three limits, exclusions, to these potential regulations.  They cannot impede on the supreme Court’s authority to hear and decide constitutionally specified matters, to review and revise a lower court’s decision, and to hear and decide a matter before the matter is heard by another court.

This, surely, is a glaring example of congressional neglect.

Ben Justus


Ban forks and spoons


Ban forks and spoons now. Save the lives of people without prior professional training in handling these inanimate tools, stress management, pizza addiction and obesity leading to heart disease, depression and other medical conditions ending in death.

Others attempt to cope with their uncontrollable need for food and seek professional help by way of gastric bypass surgery or

therapy, but slip back into their addictions due to lack of self control. They soon discover thar laws banning forks and spoons

can be ignored as they sneak off under the cover of darkness to find an all night McDonalds or Taco BelI.

That makes about as much sense as the April 12 letter by Joan Costa. 

The term “Gun Violence” is a misnomer. Guns, in and of themselves, are inanimate pieces of steel, unable to function on their own. Her quotations regarding parts of the Second Amendment are incorrect, and the word impinged appears nowhere in the Second Amendment, so how can the courts focus “entirely” on it. Ms. Costa states we have “...multiple well ordered militia”

referring to “Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines…” 

I can only suggest that she research the frequently debated definition of “militia.”

Ms. Costa moves on to the usual uninformed gun control arguments, and while there isn’t enough space to address them all here, I would like to hit on a few.

I watched an interview with the surviving teacher who was shot four times in his classroom in Uvalde, Texas. A1l of his students were murdered. He described the procedure he had been instructed to follow by his school administration should any such

event ever occur. He told his students to lay down under their desks and pretend they were asleep. What? Who came up with that plan? Whatever happened to common sense? When things go bad, leave fast. He was following orders, but I think he isn’t getting much sleep at night.

Compare the training school administrators had (have) when dealing with unstable people to what Ms. Costa wants moral, law

abiding gun owners to have while psychopaths and sociopaths are to run amuck until they become the latest headline.

We don’t need more laws. There’s been a law in existence in just about every civilized jurisdiction in the world in recorded history. It’s called murder or homicide and it has always been ignored by a small percentage of life’s losers no matter their demons.

You can’t legislate human behavior.

Let the name calling and poison pen letters begin.

Dennis M. Healy



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