Republicans endorse 3 for school board

The Douglas County Republican Central Committee is endorsing three Republican candidates in school board races for the November election. At their Sept. 14 meeting, the committee voted unanimously to endorse Susan Jansen, Katherine Dickerson, and Dave Burns.

“We developed an endorsement process that includes a written application and an interview,” said Starla Doughty, the chair of the endorsement committee.

School board trustees Robbe Lehmann and Heather Jackson and Roberta Butterfield are on the ballot.

All six candidates for school board were invited to participate, as all six are registered Republicans. They are also scheduled to debate at the Oct. 11 Town Hall Forum at the Carson Valley Community & Senior Center.

"Even though these are nonpartisan races, the committee chose to recommend candidates due to the increased importance of getting people elected who will represent traditional values on our school board," according to the endorsement. "Critical Race Theory and Gender Fluidity advocates, which include the National Education Association and our own Democrat-majority legislature, have been directing schools to adopt policies that require teachers to present ideas that contradict what most households in this county believe."

Committee Chair Jim McKalip expects a strong turn-out of Republicans in this election. “We have a platform that addresses issues concerning our schools, and these are candidates who are calling for actions and policies that will ensure the children in this county are taught well and kept safe.”

The endorsed candidates all support the Republican platform 100 percent, McKalip said.


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