Green Living Day is Oct. 1

Whit Hall on the River Fork Ranch just along Genoa Lane just below Nevada's oldest town.

Whit Hall on the River Fork Ranch just along Genoa Lane just below Nevada's oldest town.

Green Living Day returns 9 a.m. Oct. 1 at the River Fork Ranch in Genoa, located at 381 Genoa Lane.

Activities begin with a primer on how to become a certified green business in Nevada.

NV Green Business Network and greenUP! President Donna Walden will demonstrate how to build a business profile using a computer tool that provides a snapshot into the operations of your business. Using this tool, problem areas can be identified, and changes can be made to conserve energy and reduce pollution. Improvements can be as simple as purchasing a better water valve, using non-toxic cleaners, and recycling paper. For more information, visit

Next, licensed energy auditor Mary Winston will describe how a business owner was able to reduce losses when heating and cooling his building by 30 percent resulting in a substantial savings in utility expense.

Worm farmer and Douglas County 4-H Youth Development Coordinator Patrick Flynn will demonstrate how to turn ordinary waste into organic fertilizer using red worms.

University of Nevada Reno Extension Office Horticulture Outreach Coordinator Jessica Gardner from the will demonstrate how to plant a pollinator garden from scratch and how to incorporate pollinators into an existing environment. Gardnerville resident Ed Kleiner, one of the founders of our own Comstock Seed, has already begun work on a half-acre pollinator garden.

For more details, and to learn more about GreenACTnv, contact Katherine Winans at, or visit for a full schedule of topics.



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