Most precipitation fell over four days in 2021-22

The East Fork of the Carson River enters Carson Valley.

The East Fork of the Carson River enters Carson Valley.


Just four days during the 2021-22 water year accounted for three-quarters of the 10.1 inches precipitation that fell since Oct. 1.

The two wettest days — one in October and the other in August — brought more than half of that moisture

With just three weeks left in the water year, 10.18 inches of precipitation has fallen in Minden over the past year, above the average 8.89 inches for the county seat.

Records have been kept in Minden since 1906, a decade before it became the county seat.

The past water year has seen the wettest August on record with 2.8 inches and the second wettest October with 3.05 inches.

At 3.33 inches of precipitation, including a half-foot of snow, December was the tenth wettest in county history.

The water year that ends Sept. 30 cracked the top 25 for wettest years, despite seeing very little precipitation during the seven months before August’s deluge.

Western Nevada remains in severe drought and is expected to stay there through the end of November, according to the Seasonal Drought Outlook published by the National Weather Service.

The heat is expected to stick around for another few days with Tuesday forecast to see a peak of 101 degrees in Minden. A heat advisory has been extended until 9 p.m. Wednesday.

The heat wave saw Aug 31 tie a 72-year-old 100-degree record and a 101-degree record set last year for Sept. 5.

There is a chance that thunderstorms will start popping up along the eastern Sierra today through Wednesday, with a chance of more seasonable temperatures late next week.

But there is hope for above average precipitation in the 6-10-day outlook issued on Sunday.


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