The Labor Day 2022 R-C Morning Report

Candy makers scoop fudge into containers at the Genoa Town Hall week before last.

Candy makers scoop fudge into containers at the Genoa Town Hall week before last.


Genoa, Nev. — Around 400 people turned out for Tark in the Park at Minden Park on Saturday, according to Commissioner Danny Tarkanian, who organized the Labor Day weekend event.

The Labor Day weekend opened with three wrecks on Friday before 5 p.m. The most severe saw one person helicoptered to Renown from around Foothill and Muller after a vehicle went off the road. There was one on 50 at Elks Point Road and another multiple-vehicle wreck at 50 and Golf Club on Spooner Grade.

A sedan ended up on its top after a collision on Kimmerling near the Dollar General at 1:30 p.m. Saturday in a collision between a pickup and a Ford Focus. I would not be surprised to learn there were others over the weekend.

Deputies were sorting out a call at Lake Tahoe where a man was punched in the face on Sunday evening. It sounded like the puncher had a warrant and was taken into custody.

It’s Labor Day today, so the usual stuff is closed, along with the offices of The R-C. I’ll be conducting business virtually this morning.

Minden tied 72-year-old high temperature record of 100 degrees for Sept. 2. The following two days saw 97-degree high temperatures, but that’s forecast to get even hotter today.

Forecasters think our current heat wave will peak on Tuesday with a forecast high of 101 degree, which ties a 2006 record. The records for Sept. 7 and 8 were set last year and could well fall this year.

Expect sunny skies and a high temperature of 99 degrees today with the wind 5 mph this afternoon. We might see some thunderstorms by Wednesday.

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