A perfect Sunday drive to Bridgeport

Ron Walker

Ron Walker

We are in the process of buying a fancy light globe at Central Systems Electric in Gardnerville. A hesitant voice from behind me murmurs, “Did you write a book?” The voice is wearing a covid mask. Instantly I forget the fancy light bulb and reply “Well, yes I did.” Being recognized in public is cat nip to a new author. I learn the voice from behind the mask is Michele Howard and she is Haley Hunewill’s mother and Blair Hunewill is Haley’s husband. Quite obviously I have landed in a morass of close relationships. We have known Blair when wanderlust was his passion and he held slide shows of his travels to Africa and Tibet in our home. I met Haley when we did an article about her work, training her sheep dogs on the national level. Michele is promoting the 2022 National Sheep dog Finals to be held Sept. 20-25 at the Bently Ranch off Highway 88. I can hardly wait to share news of our meeting Michele with Jan Hunewill.

The following weekend Orllyene and I take the backroad from Smith Valley through Sweetwater to Bridgeport to share our news with Jan. Jan has a cottage on the Hunewill Guest Ranch. Sad to say, she isn’t at home, and we are left with the decision of what to do now. As we drive through the verdant meadows an idea comes to mind. It’s noon and we take aim for the Bridgeport Inn for lunch. After attempting and succeeding the angular parking ritual we go inside.

The dining area is on the first floor and set with tables of four. Fresh linen tablecloths under glass give the room a fresh look. The floor-to-ceiling windows bring the center of Bridgeport inside. We have a perfect view of downtown.

Orllyene tells one strikingly pretty young waitress how pretty she is and of course that pleases her. Life in Bridgeport moves at a slower pace, and you feel like speaking up when something pleases you. We are among friends.

The waitress takes our order; and we know exactly what we want. “We would like to have a Blast for two,” I say. A Blast is a bacon, lettuce, tomato, avocado slices and bean sprouts combination, on sour dough toast with sweet potato waffle fries. After close scrutiny, I conclude the chef must make each half-sandwich separately; he doesn’t just cut one sandwich in half. The portions are just right and of course easy on the wallet. A perfect meal for the middle of the day.

All during lunch, motorhomes, fifth-wheels, trailers and motorcycles pass by. So many travelers. How rich this country is. Leisure is a big part of our lives, even Sunday drives, like today. Bridgeport is only 40 minutes from Smith Valley, but The Bridgeport Inn gave us a bit of rustic elegance and their friendly staff made us feel welcome. A perfect Sunday drive.

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