Every good and perfect gift is from above

Joey Crandall

Joey Crandall

“Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, and comes down from the Father of lights, with whom there is no variation or shadow of turning.”

– James 1:17

God’s goodness is an incredible safeguard against temptation.

That one basic truth -- that God is good – it supplants the need for anyone else or for anything else to sustain any one of us. It utterly suspends the search for satisfaction in life when you simply find your rest and your peace in Him. We read in Acts 17:28, that “for in Him (Jesus) we live and move and have our being …”

Every good gift and every perfect gift. When you examine the Greek manuscripts of that phrase, the two instances of the word “gift” are actually two different words.

The first reference – for every good “gift” – the word is dosis. Literally, a gift.

In the second instance, though, the word is dorema. It is a bestowment. Literally, it is the process of giving, or the act of giving.

So, in a more literal sense, the verse could read: “Every good gift, and every perfect act of giving is from above.”

It’s certainly possible to give a good gift poorly. And it’s also possible to give a poor gift well.

But our God gives good gifts, and He gives them perfectly.

He gifts us incredible blessings, in His perfect timing, with His perfect delivery, as only He can. And the gift of Jesus Christ as payment for our sin and provision for our salvation stands as lasting and quintessential proof of that.

Even our trials are good gifts from Him – tools in His hands to hone Godly character within us. And they are given perfectly, with the intent of drawing us closer to Him, and benefiting those we’ll encounter down the road going through the same types of situation.

When we see that these gifts come down, the word “come” is portrayed in a continual form. Not something that happens once in a lifetime, or only occasionally. Something, rather, that happens continuously. Like a steady supply of rain through an entire life.

In essence, these gifts from God are always coming down.

So where should our attention be? Where should we be looking when things are decidedly not good and perfect around us?

Look up!

Look up — where the Giver of good gifts – starting with the immeasurable gift of His Son – where He gives perfectly. And tenderly. And continuously.

In all of this, this Giver – our God – will not change. With Him, there is no variation or shadow of turning. So, it is OK to wait on Him, knowing that whatever He gives in that situation will be good. And perfect.

Wait on Him! What you need is coming. In a very real sense, the One you truly need has already come.

God is not going to change on you. So, wait, with the patient expectation that God will be in your life exactly what and Who He says He is. With patient expectation that Jesus will be exactly, and wholly, what you need.

Joey Crandall is the pastor at Calvary Chapel Carson Valley.


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