Man convicted of stalking receives probation

Aaron Rasavage

Aaron Rasavage

A man who made regional news when he threatened to bring a “militia to a school board meeting” before harassing a deputy and his wife over mask mandates received a suspended four-year prison sentence Monday.

Aaron John Rasavage, 44, admitted to violating an extended stalking order, but still went to trial “because he felt his intent mattered,” according to defense attorney Maria Pence.

According to court documents, Rasavage and roommate Justin Andrew Hall, 41, were arrested in May 2021 after they confronted the deputy and his wife, who worked at an elementary school Rasavage’s child attends. As a result of the incident, an extended stalking order was issued to keep Rasavage away from the couple and their family.

While charges against him were settled in the May incident, the extended stalking order was still in affect and Rasavage found himself arrested in Dec. 12, 2021, after being seen at a Gardnerville church at the same time as the couple.

“Restraining orders are meant to restore peace, they’re meant to give the victim a sense of safety and healing and if they’re violated, they lose that,” said Douglas County District Judge Thomas Gregory.

Rasavage was given credit for 41 days time served. No contact with the victim remains in affect as a condition of his probation.

“We recognize your service and the post traumatic stress you suffer from, but it is not excusable,” said Judge Gregory. “If you value your liberty, you will follow my order to a T and you know that orders are meant to be followed. If you don’t you will find yourself in this court and the consequence is that you will go to prison.”

• Although it is legal in Nevada to possess cannabis, more than an ounce can result in a prison sentence and that was nearly the fate of a man who admitted to possessing around 20 ounces of cannabis Monday.

According to court documents, Jose Germain Gutierrez had told a deputy during a traffic stop that he had nothing illegal in his vehicle, but the deputy observed loose marijuana nuggets and a glass pipe in plain view during the stop. After searching the vehicle, the deputy located 2.38 ounces in the loose nuggets and 18.5 ounces in a glass container.

Gutierrez was sentenced to a suspended 12-30 months in prison. He was given credit for 40 days in Douglas County jail.


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