R-C Letters for Nov. 23, 2022

Tim Berube took this photo of a cabin in Hope Valley.

Tim Berube took this photo of a cabin in Hope Valley.

Thank you, Douglas County


On behalf of our team, David Burns, Katherine Dickerson and myself Susan Jansen, I would like to thank the voters and supporters in Douglas County that have chosen us to be your new school board trustees.  

We thank you for your votes and your trust and concern. We could not have done it without you.

We ran as a team, but we are three individuals who share conservative values and a community/family/teacher friendly platform. We support parents’ rights and want to provide the best public education possible, while fostering a culture of transparency in our wonderful school district.

We are already scheduling times to meet with parents, teachers, principals, classified and other personnel to continue to share our vision and listen to theirs.

I am sure that we can agree that we want what is best for all students. Our team has been researching educational issues both nationally and in this valley. We will work hard to continue to promote the best programs in place in the district as well as make improvements where it is necessary.

 I have already had the pleasure of getting some excellent input from teachers in the district. As a former teacher, I know the powerful role teachers have in the learning process and our team is looking forward to working with them as well as with parents.                                                                                                                                         

We hope to quickly get up to speed but until we do, we ask for your patience while learning the ropes and getting to know the personnel, families and procedures in the district.

We would like to especially thank Jim McKalip and the Douglas County Republican Central Committee who tirelessly supported us during this process and helped get the community behind us.

We could never have achieved this victory without the people who encouraged us to run then helped us with everything from fundraising, advertising, researching, listening and stepping up to do whatever needed to be done. We look forward to your continued support and commitment.

We are like many citizens across this country who decided, “if not us then whom?” and entered the ring ready to take on the status quo. We are so blessed to live in this magnificent valley and have the support of such wonderful people that share our vision of “family, faith and freedom” and want our schools to reflect those values.

We would like to change the school board meetings to a later time and one venue so many more parents and community members can attend. We invite all of you to get on board with us, so together we can make Douglas County schools the best and most transparent in Nevada.

Susan Jansen


David Burns


Kathrine Dickerson

Topaz Ranch Estates

Airport shares users’ passion


The Minden-Tahoe Airport management team has followed closely many of the letters recently submitted to The Record-Courier regarding concerns of growth, business opportunities, and the overall direction the airport is moving. We perceive that many of these concerns are expressed through a sincere passion for this airport and shared by many tenants, airport users, and community members to protect our wonderful asset here in Douglas County.  A passion that airport management shares deeply.

It appears that many of the concerns expressed in these letters are rooted in misunderstandings or misconceptions. A problem that can be fixed through effective and open communication. The Minden-Tahoe Airport is currently and will remain a general aviation airport that promotes sport and recreational flying in Northern Nevada. The airport wants to be a tool used for small aircraft travel to the Douglas County area resulting in a stimulated and healthy local economy. The airport desires to be a home to our local aviation businesses that provide meaningful employment to our county residents. The Airport Master Plan does currently identify a runway extension; however, airport management is intending to remove the planned extension during the next update as it is not conducive to the airport’s goals nor the values of Douglas County.

Because of the diversity of aircraft on the airport which include airplanes, gliders, helicopters, skydiving, hot air balloons, and other types of aircraft, the airport is exploring the safety benefit of an air traffic control tower. 

This is not done with the intention of bringing airlines to Minden, but rather ensure a safe operating environment for pilots and their families looking to travel to our community. Furthermore, a control tower would manage the arrival and departures of aircraft already flying into the airport and prevent the overflight of neighborhoods and other highly residential areas.

The Airport Advisory Committee was commissioned with the intention of providing a means of communication between airport users, tenants, and the community. Mrs. Jennifer Ware was correct in her letter that the November meeting was cancelled due to a lack of attendance from committee members and the public was unable to voice their opinions. There are several seats on the committee that will become vacant in 2023 and airport management is hopeful to have well qualified and dedicated individuals appointed who encourage open and honest communication between the airport, tenants, surrounding communities, and County commissioners. We always urge people to contact committee members so they can accurately represent your voice and host productive meetings that foster positive discussion or change at the airport. Committee member information can be found on the airport’s website: www.mindentahoeairport.com/aac/.

To conclude, the Minden-Tahoe Airport is hosting a Town Hall Meeting 6 p.m. Dec. 6. This will take place at the Douglas County Community Center and we are welcoming everyone from the community to attend. Learn about upcoming projects at the airport while providing your meaningful feedback to airport management. Thank you.

Frank Monack

Minden-Tahoe Airport Manager  

Nevada Voter Registration


Using the Form IB37994 Sate Of Nevada Voter Registration Application on line 8 it asks for your Nevada drivers license or ID card. Then it says if you have neither give the last 4 digits of your social security number. So how using the four digits do we determine the applicant is a U.S. citizen?

How many other states allow this? How many applicants do we register with four digits?

Then it goes on to say if you have neither you will be contated for further information.

How can Nevada have honest voting if literally anyone can register, citizen or not?

Ed Eggert


Thanks for supporting Hope and Healing


On Aug. 27, the sun was hot and the music was loud at Minden Park at the Brats, Bands and Brews Fundraiser supporting the Center for Hope and Healing. The Center for Hope and Healing provides grief support to families who have lost loved ones in Douglas County and rural Northern Nevada through Support Groups, Grief Camp, Grief Backpacks, School-Based Support Groups and more. We are overwhelmed with the immense support that our wonderful community has shown CHH.  We want to thank all of the amazing sponsors that made Brats, Bands, and Brews a huge success this year.  Thank you to our Platinum Heart Sponsors: V & C Construction, Stor-All and Carson Valley 20/30.  Thank you to our Golden Heart Sponsors: John Fisher with ReMax, Impact Construction, Wass Family, Hutt Aviation, Three Castles Engineering, Building Concepts, Park Ranch, West Ridge Homes, Inc., The Door Company, and Guided Trucking.  Thank you to our Silver Heart Sponsors: Maxton Mfg., Curtis and Sons, Gary & Judy Williams, Valley Eye Care, Jodi Wass, MA/MFT, Kristina Wulfing, Adaven LLC, Parigini Orthodontics, Dr. James Seyfried, Jonathan Pollack- Ameriprise Financial, Richard Peters, and Intero Realestate. Thank you to our Memorial Sponsors: Brooke Brocking, Stellar Business Services, Adam & Maria Lazear, Sierra View Dental, Rocky Walling, Allen Reed and Kris Robison. 

We want to thank the many individuals and businesses that donated items to our silent auction and raffle.  Thank you: Balloon Nevada, Jodi Wass, Heartstrings, Dr. Seyfried, Ginger’s Unique Boutique, JT’s Basque Bar, Oi Coffee, The Funky Poodle, Howliday Inn, Linda & Brian Hoskin, Bella Vita, Red Barn Car Wash, Francisco’s, Jan Lindsey, Sook, Jessika Paige Skin Care, CV Country Club, Country Bum Creations, Trudy McCann, and Just a Drop.  

Many amazing volunteers came together to make this event happen and we are so incredibly thankful to each and every one of you.  Thank you: The Men of Carson Valley 20/30, Jeff Wass, Lance Hipple, Gary Thurm, Jackie Smith, Telsche Hipple, D’Art Johnson, Jodi Wass, Ann Crockett, Leslie Myers, Shasta, April Wilson, Linda and Brian Hoskin, Dori Draper, Amber Terhune, Jackie Hostler, Todd, Whear, Rich Foster, Jo Hooven, Brett Freeman, Jakota Wass and Band, Mo’z Motley Blues, and The Lost Reverends of the High Sierra.

With the help of so many wonderful sponsors, donors, volunteers and attendees we have been able to keep all services at the Center for Hope and Healing free to our community.  Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Amanda Johnson

Center for Hope and Healing

Wind Down Wednesdays


At the beginning of this year, Jen Nalder, the talented Program Director of Main Street Gardnerville, was engaged in a series of meetings with Shannon Allen and Kylie Koerner, the owners of CV Flyte. Shannon and Kylie are skilled event coordinators. CV Flyte is a mobile bartending operation. The ladies were promoting an idea that would create a quality monthly community entertainment event to benefit downtown Gardnerville by bringing residents, families, and businesses into the downtown area.

The meetings resulted in the birth of Wind Down Wednesday. A decision was finalized to designate the fourth Wednesday of each month as Wind Down Wednesday. They selected Heritage Park as the site that would best foster human connection and collective memory to WDW. The hours of 4-8 p.m. were finalized as well as the starting point of May, with the conclusion in October. Attendees would be encouraged to bring lawn chairs to the events, thereby soaking up the beauty of the park and a terrific variety of food trucks, such as Hungry Hearts, Kitchen 1851, Go Nuts For Donuts, Grandpa Archie’s Shaved Ice, Mama Bear’s Vegan Kitchen, and Valley Eats, would be available to serve up fresh food. The wheels were turning, and the necessary pieces were falling into place.

The final piece to WDW was the addition of performing artists. The Cultural Arts Foundation of Douglas County has been producing artists mixers and various musical and fine art shows that feature our local performing artists. President Todd Whear, an excellent musician in his own right, has working relationships with virtually all the solo performing artists and Bands in Douglas County. He was able to deftly schedule popular local artists like Roland Stone, The Front Porch, Sugarwolf, False Rhythms, Jakota Wass, Mos Motley, Dr. Margaret Dixon and The Scarlet Verbs, Eddie Dimock, and Wes Orsolic. Audiences were treated to a wide variety of musical genres, with many discovering for the first time the wonderful musicians and singers who reside in our Valley.

Wind Down Wednesday was an immediate Hit. Word of mouth and some clever Marketing attracted 300+ size crowds each month. Parents brought their kids who frolicked in front of the Gazebo with many dancing to the great music. A glance at the crowd quickly revealed that no one was on their cell phone. With excellent food and many of our finest musicians performing, WDW made an indelible mark on our Valley. Main Street Gardnerville, CV Flyte, and the Cultural Arts Foundation of Douglas County have created a six-month annual community entertainment event that will grow next year and for many years thereafter. These groups are making a major lasting contribution to the continuing evolution of the Arts and Culture in our beautiful Carson Valley.

We’ll see you next May.

Joe Hooven


Congrats Democrats


Congratulations to all those that voted for Democrat candidates in the 2022 mid-term election.  I must applaud your efforts.  Now we can enjoy much higher fuel prices since President Biden no longer has to artificially lower them by robbing from the federal oil reserves.  I hope you did understand that his moves were only temporary in order to lessen inflation fears prior to the election.  And with the rise in fuel prices go everything else since all products and services are tied to the costs of fuel and energy.

Now that the election is over, President Biden can go about improving our society by promoting his socialistic goals.  We will be able to enjoy continued enhancements to our educational programs with transgender studies and critical race theory substituting for reading, writing, math and science.   

This will help us achieve last place as a nation on the academic totem pole instead of just being a last place contender.  We can use the Democrats’ method for attacking crime by getting rid of bail and returning violent criminals immediately to the streets.  Look at the benefits that New York City, Los Angeles and Chicago realize using this approach.  

Don’t overlook the possibilities we have to improve women’s sports by allowing transgender males to participate.  Democrats can take pride knowing that existing women’s sports records will be shattered at a much greater rate than ever before.  Don’t overlook the opportunities we now have for learning how to fill out our income tax forms.  With the addition of 87,000 Internal Revenue Service agents, we will certainly enjoy the attention and personal touch they will be able to provide.  And then there are the lessons we learn when trying to decide how to pay for our grocery, electricity, heating and medical bills.  Which ones do we pay and which do we ignore?  This has got to make us smarter consumers and nation as a whole.

I almost forgot one of the greatest benefits we may experience as a result of Democrat leadership.  That has to do with control of our border.  Democrat strategy is to cede control of it to the Mexican cartels.  Employing this strategy, we could eliminate all border patrol efforts.  Think of all the money that could be saved.  Maybe we could even balance our budget.  The influx of potential cheap labor associated with illegal aliens will help drive down labor costs.  The massive amounts of illegal drugs crossing the border will reduce street values and prevent supply issues.  Lower labor costs and cheaper illicit drugs could be President Biden’s secret approach to curbing inflation and balancing the budget.  Don’t worry about what it might do to your income or health and welfare of your community.  I’m sure President Biden has an answer for that.

Ray Trexler


Shoutout to Amy Tarkanian


A shoutout to Amy Tarkanian, a class act and former Nevada State GOP chairwoman, also a mom, wife, political pundit, republican strategist and resident of Gardnerville, for standing up to “mean girl” Michele Fiore, a former and outgoing Nevada State politician who is apparently upset about losing her bid for state treasurer in the past mid-term elections. A leaked video of Fiore’s remarks was caught on camera this past Tuesday (Las Vegas News 3) that can only be described as a vulgar, hate-filled and threatening screed.

Ms. Fiore was filmed Monday morning quarterbacking her election loss, by casting blame on Tarkanian. Tarkanian did not endorse Fiore, instead she endorsed her democratic opponent, Zach Conine, who coincidentally won the state treasurer’s race.

 It’s high time Ms. Fiore and others like her, grasp the fact that most voters expect more from their elected officials. Instead, they offer a steady diet of superficial appeasement by way of endless culture wars and the demonization of others. It’s a reliable technique, red meat for the masses. It only serves to make us meaner and more divided, but that’s the whole point.

As a voter, I expect more from my elected officials. 

I expect them to solve problems, like inflation, out of control drug prices, price gouging by big oil companies and the scourge of guns in this country.

That’s why Michele Fiore and others like her lost in the mid-terms, not because one local women endorsed another candidate. Instead of blaming others for her short comings, Ms. Fiore should take a long look in the mirror, she might find its her brand of politics that turned voters off. This past election proves that most voters want solutions that improve their lives, not toxic political theater.

Alice Meyer



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