A full bout of Mountain Madness

Guess what the buckets are for at Friday night's Mountain Madness Milk Chugging contest at Douglas High School.

Guess what the buckets are for at Friday night's Mountain Madness Milk Chugging contest at Douglas High School.
Photo by Sarah Drinkwine.


A good lip sync performance is humorous, has pizzaz and a little touch of something special, said the judges of the competition at Douglas High School’s Mountain Madness Friday.

The lip sync was not the only competition during the event that brought those qualities to the field, and after a three-year hiatus, everyone thought Mountain Madness was what it’s hyped up to be and more.

“We had only heard about it, so it definitely met expectations and was a lot more fun to actually get to experience it,” said Sophomores Oliva Allmet, Lila Kaufmann, Gracen Gasporra and Jordan Hoffman.

The juniors versus seniors Powder Puff football game brought pizzaz as the teams faced off for victory.

“It was more intense this year because we had a reputation to defend,” said senior Campbell Dedmon.

Dedmon and the rest of the seniors won the football game last year as juniors.

Seniors scored the first point in the first half of the game, by the second half the juniors stepped up their defense, barely letting the seniors score the victory touchdown.

“We gave them a run for their money and proved we weren’t going down that easy,” said junior Camden Miller. “It was fun going up against the seniors and just being rough and competitive.”

Seniors won the game 12-0.

During the half time show of the Powder Puff game, administrators faced off in a two-lap golf cart race around the field.

The crowd went wild as the golfcart driven by Vice Principal Greg Thefford and Dean of Students John Glover cut off the cart driven by vice principals Sarah Sparhawk and Susan Desrosiers in the victory lap.

“It’s new to Mountain Madness” said the event announcer Keith Cole. “It was hilarious and a big hit.”

The humor arose from the half-gallon milk chug competition where contestants chug the dyed milk and must hold it down for one minute. Senior Gabe Foster was named winner after the audience cheered and gagged for 60 seconds.

Finally, three groups boogeyed on to the stage during the lip sync competition with hits and performances from “High School Musical,” Katy Perry’s “California Girls” and Journey. Each with a mix the judges deemed as “good qualities” for a lip sync competition. The winning group called themselves “5 Directions” with their performance “Journey to Victory.”

“We’re definitely looking forward to next year,” said Kaufmann, “We haven’t decided if we will compete in the game yet, but we know some people who would be good at it.”

Mountain Madness is put on by Douglas High School’s Block D Letterman’s Club. The event is an end of the year carnival and fundraiser where proceeds go back to the club for future events.


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