May 25, 2022, R-C Letters to the Editor


Backing Wes Rice


I’m supporting Wes Rice because he’s a voice of reason. His opponents say they wouldn’t have done this or wouldn’t have done that but offer no reasonable alternatives. One is against VHRs altogether, the other is for VHRs virtually without limit. Wes is for implementing the VHR ordinance that has been put in place, formulated to have strict, but fair rules and regulations and new management and code enforcement teams. The VHR Advisory Board created by the Commission seems to be working as intended.

Rice’s opponents say they wouldn’t have voted for the Tahoe South Events Center, but Rice is justifiably proud of this vote. As envisioned, the events center is already serving as a catalyst for private sector investments. All under new ownership, Tahoe’s casino resorts are each spending for major facility upgrades. And, when it opens next year, the events center will 

provide between $700,000 and $1.2 million annually to the County from increased consolidated tax revenues. His opponents have offered no ideas for generating new County revenue.  

One could argue that the BOCC should not have approved the Park Development Agreement and Buckeye Farms because it will produce urban sprawl. Well, the campaign manager for one of Rice’s opponents argued in a public meeting that Accessory Dwelling Units produce urban sprawl. With that logic, what could you ever approve? Yes, Buckeye is a large project, but it will take 30 years to complete, phase by phase, maybe longer. And it will provide a variety of new housing options for our residents, as well as open space and property for a new County Judicial Law Enforcement Center. It’s next to the infrastructure to support it and is more desirable then developing all the A-19 properties in the center of our Valley. That’s keeping Douglas County rural in the right way.

As Vice Chair, working alongside BOCC Chair Mark Gardner, Wes has helped bring a semblance of dignity back to the Commission. He is indeed a voice of reason and practicality. Let’s re-elect Wes Rice to the BOCC. He’s the right candidate for the job.

Mike Cook


Backing Burgans for clerk-treasurer


When Amy Burgans was selected by the County Commission in December of 2020, I voted with the majority to select her to complete the term of Kathy Lewis. I knew Amy from her job in the County Managers Office, her performance in that office was one of attentive, responsive e, organized, and enthusiastic. She was also a leader. I expected that because of her military training as a Non-Commissioned Officer in the Military Police Corps. 

The quality I most admired in Kathy Lewis was her ability to take a diverse group of ladies and lead then to success in Clerk-Treasurer Office. I believed Amy could build on that foundation. She has not disappointed. She quickly worked to get the re-districting actions out with Community members comments, not an easy task. She has re-made the Treasurers Office as I understand it. This challenge came about with departure both Kathy and her Deputy Treasurer. Success is measured by not being criticized in the latest audit, nor having the Audit Committee record a finding. When the Deputy for Elections departed there was a potential blow to the credibility of the Elections Office, but Amy selected a new person and kept her Deputy Clerk to keep the team performing at an exceptionally high level of credibility. 

Meanwhile Amy had to work on her own election, a demanding and time-consuming requirement. Yes there were internal issues, but Amy’s positive leadership has also lead to improvements in teamwork. 

Amy has proven herself in this job, and the criticality of her missions to collect the County Tax monies and write checks in payment of bills while insuring ethical and credible elections in Douglas County continue to be her focus. I believe she has earned to trust and support of the electorate and recommend she be voted into the job of Clerk/Treasurer.

Barry Penzel

Johnson Lane

Endorsing Butterfield


I would like to endorse Roberta Butterfield for the Douglas County School District Board of Trustees. As a former teacher at DHS for 31 years, and former board member,

2009-2013, I believe Roberta will bring qualities to the board that will allow the board to govern in cooperation with DCSD, parents, and the community. As a resident of 

Douglas County for 45 years, I have watched the political process consume the governing process. A board of trustees is a team, disagreement is going to exist, board members must 

constantly seek a process to make decisions, honestly evaluate those decisions, and be courageous in directing those decisions in the best interest of students. We face difficult decisions ahead. Roberta Butterfield will help lead DCSD in a positive direction. 

The qualities Roberta will bring to the board: integrity, competence, commitment, candor, and courage. Roberta’s background in education and finance will benefit the board in executing those difficult decisions. The decisions the board, parents, and school staffs have had to make in the last 3 years were never discussed or contemplated in education prior to the pandemic. School boards must seek responsibility from school personnel implementing decisions and take responsibility for the decisions they implement. Roberta has the integrity and courage to carry out and analyze those decisions. Learning is a very complicated process, containing diversity in the ways people learn which challenges teachers everyday. Roberta understands that complexity, not only professionally, but as a parent.

The Constitution of the United States clearly defines the functions of government in “Order to form a more perfect Union”. One of those functions is to “promote the general Welfare”.

I cannot think of a more important promotion of the general welfare than providing a quality education to our entire population. I know that most citizens think of education as an endeavor

that ends at the conclusion of formal training; however, the future of information and knowledge will require citizens to remain lifelong learners. Another function detailed in the Preamble is to “secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our posterity”, in every decision we make as citizens, we are obligated to consider the impact on future generations. Roberta Butterfield will make that a

priority in every decision she makes as a trustee.

I know I’m uniquely blessed to live in a community of people I watched grow up and assume positions of leadership in this community. Any institution never accomplishes perfection, but if you 

look at the quality of students DCSD has heled nurture in partnership with parents, the results are worth celebrating as a community. I believe Roberta Butterfield will promote a positive 

collaboration with parents, schools, and community, as a trustee for the Douglas County School District.   

Randy Green


Fighting a culture war


I read Sharla Hales guest column (May 18, 2022 R-C) with increasing discomfort. She’s the new commissioner-elect, right? Why would she be spending so much time going from school to school talking with a seemingly endless number of teachers about CRT when she’s on deck to be making serious decisions concerning our county. Wouldn’t that time be better spent investigating the many challenges Douglas County is facing? The board of commissioners doesn’t have authority over the schools.

But then I considered the fact that she was on our school board not that long ago. And I added the fact that she has been the attorney advising the Churchill County School Board for some time. She must be rattled by the idea that a school board could be seen as failing in its responsibilities toward not only its students, but also its teachers, and even the parents and community. It’s personal.

Yet she is an attorney. One would think an attorney would know how to conduct a thorough investigation to get the facts. Hales failed miserably on that score. She tells us she got feedback from a slew of teachers who all swear they aren’t teaching CRT. Let’s consider that.

If you were a teacher who WAS teaching CRT, and you knew that CRT was a hot issue and likely to be cause for people, not only those who were in authority over you, but also that bunch who keeps showing up at board meetings protesting against CRT, to be greatly disturbed if they heard you were admitting to teaching it, would you own up? Or would you swear you had nothing to do with CRT?

What a surprise that no teacher confessed to Hales. What’s worse though, is that Hales reported her findings as if they were proof positive that no CRT was getting anywhere near any classrooms in Douglas County.

But, then, exactly what IS CRT? Well, what it ISN’T is ideas tied strictly to race. Not  merely teaching tolerance toward differences, but promoting the LGBTIQ+ lifestyle is CRT (through “intersectionality”), rendering discipline according to “Restorative Justice” is CRT. Making new teachers read a book that claims all white teachers are biased against “people of color” is CRT (okay, that one is about race). And that’s just scratching the surface of how much CRT covers.

I have to add that asserting the idea that parents in a community aren’t capable of meeting their responsibilities of handling their children’s emotional needs or conveying the “right” values to them is also CRT. 

All of what I just listed is present in our Douglas County school district. 

Maybe Hales should take the time to read the Republican platform. She could share it with the school board candidates she endorses, since they all say they are Republicans, but don’t show any signs of that at all. 

There is a culture war on. “Woke” vs. Traditional Values. David Burns is a strong traditional values guy. Protect our schools. Vote for David Burns.

Virginia Starrett


Backing Butterfield for school board


I have been privileged to serve as a Douglas County School District, Board of Trustees member, 2006-2020. I am sharing my personal thoughts.

I have continued to follow news regarding the DCSD Board and was dismayed when I saw The Record-Courier reporting on a public comment that Critical Race Theory was being taught in our schools. This I did not believe, but I had every confidence that the board’s request to have the superintendent investigate this claim would lead to the truth. When the study findings were shared and a community member accused the superintendent of lying, I was shocked. It was also disconcerting to learn that the board of trustees member who had initially purported that CRT was being taught in DCSD schools, recounted that they didn’t actually know of a school or teacher who was teaching it. It is disheartening that a board member would violate the public trust in this way. It is a disservice to our students, and families to report this without a trace of evidence. It’s shameful that educators are being vilified as being detrimental to the students in their care. I have known Superintendent Lewis for many years and have known him to be a man of integrity, whose interest has been for each student to have the opportunity for a quality education, to be equipped with the skills needed for their future success. He meets challenges head on, not shying away from decisions that are difficult. Leading a school district during the COVID-19 pandemic has been no small task. Providing accurate information to address its concerns has been no small task. Being told by a community member, who has no children in the schools, that he isn’t truthful on this controversial subject diverts the community’s attention from student education to an unsubstantiated wedge issue. If we are being told that Critical Race Theory is not being taught in our schools, I believe that it is not.

Social and Emotional Learning is not “indoctrinating” students. It is helping students learn skills to deal with the issues they are experiencing as they face life’s challenges. As I see the anger and hostility surrounding these topics, I think about who it is that I should vote for, in order to support the Board of Trustees, the educators, and staff, in their goal to provide DCSD students with the best possible education. We need individuals who understand the issues, and the needs of our school community; those who will listen to all constituents and who evaluate the facts, before making false claims. I will be supporting Robbe Lehmann, Roberta Butterfield, and Heather Jackson as individuals who I trust will serve our students, families, and community and encourage you to consider them as well.

Karen Chessell


It is time for transparency


Honest eyes see progressive doctrines woven into school curricula across the country, whether known as CRT, SEL, etc. These philosophies are being taught to our children. Our Douglas County school board exhibited hostility to recent citizen attempts to pass a resolution against these policies. Hmmm!

School board candidate Roberta Butterfield initially volunteered to participate in our Douglas County Republican endorsing process. Prior to her scheduled interview, she declined to participate as her fellow candidates didn’t want her endorsed by Republicans (yes, she actually told our Chair this).

Candidate Butterfield recently re-registered as a Republican. Changing registration to Republican before an election can be a devious way to take a primary election from voters that look for the “R.” We’ve seen other Democrats make this change recently to deceive voters. Only if they refuse the Republican Party endorsement can their trick be successful.

Why would a recently re-registered “Republican” initially agree to endorsement by the Republican Party and then openly tell that Party she doesn’t want her endorsed? Smells like Democrat core beliefs focused on inflicting her vision on our schools rather than being an advocate for students, parents, and taxpayers.

After discussion, and according to our Bylaws and Endorsing Procedures, the Douglas County Republican Party voted unanimously to endorse David Burns for Douglas County School Board – Area 7 as by far the most qualified candidate.

Don’t let Roberta Butterfield, a Democrat in Republican clothing, hijack an important seat in the primary election. David Burns knows the issues, shared his realistic vision, how he will work with other members, and more. During our interview, he brought our focus back to how he is about properly equipping our children for the future.

We did our research and interviewed candidates. Then, your Douglas County Republicans unanimously endorsed David Burns as the candidate to implement conservative, American, constitutional values in our Douglas County schools.

Shawn Meehan


Backing Butterfield


Our school board trustees have a significant impact on the well-being and success of our students. Douglas County citizens will select the first of three seats on the school board in the June 14 primary election. The three candidates are Nicholas Brashears, David Burns, and Roberta Butterfield.

Since the current school board candidates announced that they were running, I have reviewed websites and Record-Courier articles as well as attended candidate rallies and informational meetings. I have learned very little about Mr. Brashears. I believe that David Burns is focused on national issues that do not affect our schools, while Roberta Butterfield will advocate for the needs and outcomes of the students, families, and staff of Douglas County School District. 

Mr. Burns says that Douglas County schools are vulnerable to and are indoctrinating students in WOKE ideology and Critical Race Theory. He does not identify specifically what supposedly is occurring in our schools, so he expects us to assume that these issues exist in Douglas County School District. Mr. Burns states on his website that he is running for a trustee position because of “the seeming lack of understanding on the part of most of the school board members that our students need protection from being indoctrinated instead of educated.”  

Besides a video that identifies an online resource containing CRT lessons and insinuates that teachers are using them, which they are not, Mr. Burns has not given any specific evidence or examples of what, where, and how his concerns are happening in our schools. 

Additionally, Mr. Burns claims that the school district lacks transparency with parents and the community. He references district policies and processes, such as sex education, that are unclear and poorly communicated.  In my experience, anyone who wants to find a policy or other school district information can go to the school district website or can call a school or the district office to get information. Also, community members can contact any of our schools to arrange to meet the principal and other staff to get answers to questions.  School and district staff members desire to have clear and effective communication with our community.

Roberta Butterfield is the best choice to keep our school district’s priority the academic and individual success of our students. Her daughters attended Douglas County schools and are graduates of our district. She is knowledgeable about our school district and community, and she opposes instruction of CRT.  Mrs. Butterfield has an extensive background in business and international finance, and she recently worked as the assessments secretary at Douglas High School.  As she notes on her website, she will “make learning meaningful for every student.” She is focused on how our schools promote the well-being, academic achievement, and critical thinking skills of all students.

It is important to vote in the June 14th primary election, and I encourage you to vote for Roberta Butterfield. She will continue to make Douglas County School District a great place for all students to learn, achieve, and grow. 

Marty Swisher


Supporting Burns


I am writing in support of David Burns for primary election for the schoolboard, district seven. If you went with the number of letters for Roberta Butterfield you would know that she is the district’s choice. She has also aligned herself with the incumbents, Heather Jackson and Robbe Lehmann. 

But why would anyone keep voting for a board whose policies are alienating parents so much that they are voting with their feet and taking their children elsewhere? Isn’t that the definition of crazy?? Why would you keep voting the same if it isn’t working? 

 I know that David Burns stopped unconstitutional gun restrictions and upheld our Second Amendment against Sisolak a few years ago. And that he is married to a retired school teacher and was the ONLY REPUBLICAN candidate to be endorsed by the Douglas County Republican Central Committee. 

For those reasons it just makes sense to oust the incumbents and their followers and vote in a new candidate that supports parents and their children and not the new ‘normal’ of aberrant ‘woke’ policies.

Kelly M. King


Backing Adam Laxalt


I just read Laurie Hickey’s letter to the editor regarding the contest between Sam Brown and Adam Laxalt for U.S. Senator. I thank Laurie for making some very valid comparisons between the candidates. As a former military man myself, I initially made Sam Brown my choice for senator but after hearing him on his commercials, I have changed my mind. All he does is make derogatory statements against Adam Laxalt filled with half truths and even some lies. If you watch his commercials, he promises nothing that would improve the lives of Nevadans. I’m sorry but I cannot vote for one that can only run a smear campaign like what Sam Brown is doing today.

With all the pressing issues that we face today, there is ample opportunity for Sam Brown to take a stand and tell us how he would work to change things. As Laurie points out in her letter, Sam Brown has not lived in Nevada very long. He has tried running for office elsewhere with no success. He apparently thinks Nevada is an easy mark. I call that an “opportunist candidate”. We’ve seen what opportunist candidates do to our country with the likes of Mitt Romney and Hillary Clinton.

What we need is a candidate that has proven where he or she stands. Adam Laxalt has done that on a number of occasions. While Adam may have not been perfect in all he has done, he certainly has demonstrated his commitment to us here in Nevada. As a long-term resident of Nevada, I withdraw my support for the smear campaigner and put it toward a proven candidate, Adam Laxalt.

Ray Trexler


Supporting Joe Lombardo 


Nevada Republicans are fortunate to have a highly-qualified, experienced law enforcement leader to lead them to electoral victory over the politically “underwater” incumbent Democrat governor , Steve Sisolak.

The clear GOP frontrunner for governor is Clark County Sheriff Joe Lombardo, a solid conservative—and, polls show, the most electable Republican gubernatorial candidate in the field. 

 Lombardo, 59, has been a Nevada resident for forty-six years, and a lifelong Republican.

Joe served in the U.S. Army, National Guard and Army Reserve.

He holds a B.S. in civil engineering, and a master’s degree in crisis management, both from UNLV.

Lombardo became a Las Vegas Metro police officer in 1988, rising through the ranks — from beat cop to assistant sheriff in 2011.

In 2014, he narrowly won election as Clark County Sheriff (51-49 percent). In 2018, Lombardo was re-elected with an impressive 73 percent of the vote, defeating four challengers. 

Sheriff Lombardo is a proven electoral winner in Democrat-dominated Clark County, where 3 in 4 Nevada voters live.

Lombardo has been sheriff for seven years and manages the Metro department leading 5,700 police officers.

On April 27, former President Donald Trump gave his enthusiastic “complete and total” endorsement to Joe Lombardo in a race where the sheriff was already the acknowledged frontrunner.

Trump summarized it well, writing: “As Governor, Joe will fiercely protect our under-siege Second Amendment, oppose sanctuary cities, support our Law Enforcement, veto any liberal tax increase, protect life, and secure our elections.”

With an outrageously partisan Democratic gerrymander of legislative districts in 2021, Democrats are likely to win control of both legislative chambers in 2022, even with an anticipated “Red Wave”. 

Now more than ever it’s vital that a conservative Republican governor be elected to provide political balance, with authority to veto bills passed by far-left progressive legislative Democrats.

Among Lombardo for governor endorsers are Douglas County Sheriff Dan Coverley, Carson City Sheriff Ken Furlong and Washoe County Sheriff Darin Balaam.

Jim Hartman


Backing Sam Brown


Our state has been represented by out-of-touch elites for decades. We’ve all seen the same career politicians roll into town and make promises for votes. But once they get elected, they seem to forget about Douglas County until the next election. If we keep voting in these people, how can we expect things to be any different?  

I supported Adam Laxalt in 2018 when he ran for governor. We were counting on him to defeat Steve Sisolak, but he ran a poor campaign and failed. It’s not right, yet he publicly blames Trump voters for his loss. We’ve all seen the terrible impact that Governor Sisolak has had on our freedoms and our communities – we have Adam’s loss to thank for that.   

In his 2018 run against fellow Republicans to be the nominee for governor, he seemed to say all the right things – including taking a hardline stance against the commerce tax and saying he’d repeal it. It worked – he became the GOP nominee. But once he got into the general election, he quickly retreated and said repealing the tax wasn’t possible.  

In 2017, as Attorney General, he did a reversal too. That time it was about protecting our 2nd Amendment rights.  I know firsthand how strongly this county feels on that subject.  I was in the audience when the then Board voted on the 2nd Amendment Sanctuary County Resolution. In his Attorney General campaign, Adam had claimed he was against Red Flag laws that allow liberal judges to seize firearms without due process, yet once AG, he officially recommended their enactment.

Adam put out an official press release recommending the legislature pass Red Flag laws, and the Democrats were all too eager to oblige.  Naturally, Sisolak signed them into law.  I’m not saying that Adam Laxalt is a bad guy – I’m just saying he’s proven he can’t be trusted to stand up for conservative principles.  

We need a fighter who’ll stick to his promises and win. That’s why I’m proud to endorse Sam Brown for U.S. Senate. He’s a Purple Heart veteran, successful small businessman, dedicated family man, devoted Christian – and, most importantly, a new and true conservative leader. 

Capt. Sam Brown has spent a lot of time in Douglas County. He knows the issues that matter to us because he’s invested his time and resources to learn about our communities, meet with our residents, and listen to our concerns. Adam’s barely come here lately at all. 

Sam Brown is a strong conservative who fought for our country on the battlefield, and he’ll fight for us in the United States Senate. As his ads say, Sam Brown puts duty first. 

This US Senate race is vitally important for our state. We need a winner and someone who can beat Catherine Cortez Masto in November. It’s time we demand more as Nevadans, and it’s time for a change. We don’t need a career politician. We need Sam Brown. 

Mark Gardner

Topaz Ranch Estates

Butterfield for school board


My name is Teri Jamin. I had the honor of serving as a member of the Douglas County School Board from 2005-2016. Although some contentious issues arose during those years, the Board, staff, parents and community worked through these matters always keeping what is in the best interest of our students at the forefront. More recently I’m saddened to learn of the polarization that is occurring with respect to our school district. There are some candidates running for school board who believe our students are being indoctrinated rather than educated. This way of thinking fails to recognize the purpose of education which is to enable our students to gain knowledge so they can make informed choices. Keeping this in mind, I hope you will join me in voting for Roberta Butterfield, Heather Jackson and Robbe Lehman for school board. I strongly believe that these three candidates will keep the focus on what is in the best interest of our students. I’m looking forward to the time when we can all join together to celebrate the great job our school district is doing educating our amazing students.

Teri Jamin


Behind Tarkanian for Congress


Nevadans are struggling daily to survive in our current economy. Americans nationwide are experiencing the same issues listed below:

Cost of food to feed their families.

Price of gasoline and diesel fuel.

Medical cost.

Insurance premiums increases.

High interest rates.

Cost of purchasing a home.

Rental cost continually increasing.

Cost of purchasing a vehicle new or used.

Taxes continually increasing.

Uncontrolled inflation.

Crime out of control.

Drug overdoses.

Illegal immigration. 

No longer believe in our government or our politicians.

We must stop electing the same officials every election cycle just because they are in office. On election year they decide to make public appearances, commercials or appear on talk shows making the same promises they made previously that put them into office and asking for political donations so they can prevent new people from removing them from office.

I am supporting Danny Tarkanian to be the Republican nomination for the 2nd Congressional seat. Danny is currently our District One Douglas County Commissioner I have met with him several times and have asked for his help regarding issues that affect our community and our safety.

I have found Danny to be very responsive to all of my request or concerns. He is very proactive and strongly supports all of our current businesses by visiting their place of business and spot lighting them in his emails to us.

He has been active by using emails to keep the citizens of his district informed on what the BOCC agenda is for their meetings and then following up with a second email informing us what the resolution is or will be on the agenda items.

Amodei has turn his back of the Republican Party and has served 5 terms and votes like a democrat which has contributed to the current problems all Nevadans are facing today. 

Join me in supporting Danny Tarkanian for the Republican nomination for Congress. Danny supports the principles of the Republican party and all the citizens of Nevada. I feel confident that Danny can be trusted to keep his promises and will fight for all of us.

Gil Galvan


Tarkanian for Congress


As someone that operates a business, I get up early, 7 days a week, and work hard for 10 hours a day, all in order to keep my head above water. Not only am I concerned about myself, but more importantly my family. I am killing myself to make sure my loved ones have what they need. Prices are going up and I am struggling to make ends meet. I will continue to work hard and never give up on the great system we call capitalism. 

What I need from my elected congressman is an understanding of me, the American Business Operator, trying to improve himself and his community. I have compassion for all people, but my congressman needs to represent me, not the immigrants flooding this country and squeezing the funds from myself, my business and my community. 

Everything costs money but because the dollar amounts in question are so vast people have a hard time grasping what the monetary consequences of open borders are to the American taxpayer. My congressman must understand what decisions like “Open Borders” cost this nation and its hard-working citizens.

Before Danny Tarkanian aspired to take Washington, he took time, as the Douglas County Commissioner, to tour my business. He asked questions and when I gave answers he listened to my words. I can’t tell you how important his interest in local business is to me. Local business is the frontline of our economy and is the backbone of our state and our country. Danny understands this and because he does, I will do all I can to help him unseat Amodei.

Please join me in supporting local businesses and the men and women that operate them by voting for Danny Tarkanian.

Steven R. Kiley


Thanks for supporting ‘Holy Smokers’


On behalf of the Men’s Ministry at Trinity Lutheran Church, I would like to thank everyone who participated in our annual “Holy Smoker Car Show and BBQ” on May 7. It had been two years since we had an opportunity to get

together with classic, special and unique car owners, and all their families, fans and friends. You all were a great crowd. We had 93 registered vehicles, which was our highest count ever. The variety of cars was another big plus. We compliment all the owners of the perfect “show condition” of their vehicles.

Thank you for sharing your special “Toys.” We would also like to give special thanks to Sonney’s BBQ restaurant. We enjoy having you as our neighbor and welcome you as our new partner with the car show. Lunch was excellent.

See you next year on May 6, 2023.

Archie Walker

Chairman and all the Trinity Men’s Club Members

Not much art there


I went to the Jazz and Wine festival in Gardnerville, full of expectation for a great afternoon. I left feeling disappointed and let down. I grew up learning to appreciate art, thanks to my mom who took me to great art museums in Paris when I was a child and purchased original art to decorate our home. In school, I learned to play the trombone and eventually in middle school, joined the jazz band. I have enjoyed playing and listening to jazz ever since. When I got to the festival, the Douglas High School jazz band was opening the afternoon and they did a great job. As it was lunchtime, I looked around for a food truck or stand to get some lunch, to no avail. The festival was also advertised as an art festival, but there were only about four art stands. I don’t know if this is this festival’s first year, or if due to the COVID shutdown, hasn’t taken place in a couple of years, but I was feeling a little underwhelmed. I know there are lots of artists in the area and there are many good restaurants in town. For me, there is no apparent reason that food and drink cannot be provided or that more artists shouldn’t attend. I truly believe that this festival could be a great success with these changes and look forward to its return next year. 

Paul Osserman



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