Northern Nevada Giving Tree blooms with support for Douglas County nonprofits

The Douglas County Sheriff's Mounted Posse received a $7,500 donation from the Northern Nevada Giving Tree.

The Douglas County Sheriff's Mounted Posse received a $7,500 donation from the Northern Nevada Giving Tree.
Photo by Sarah Drinkwine.

When the Northern Nevada Giving Tree feels something in their hearts, they’re all in, providing nonprofits in Douglas County monetary donations and support, like a $7,500 donation to the Douglas County Sheriff’s Mounted Posse.

“We are so appreciative of their donations and support,” said Douglas County Sheriff’s Mounted Posse President Maura Parga. “This is going to help us a lot.”

The Northern Nevada Giving Tree presented the check to the Mounted Posse during the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office Open House last week. 

Parga said the Mounted Posse plans to use the donation for scholarships and to upgrade safety equipment and replace flags and flag poles for the posse. 

Established in 2017, the Northern Nevada Giving Tree is a nonprofit and the brain child of Ginger Easley and Toni Van Winkle, dedicated to raising and supporting other 501 C3 nonprofits in Douglas County. 

“Toni and I were literally just sitting around in her living room chatting about how we wanted to give back to the community,” said Easley. “We both have been involved in fundraisers and a lot people often reached out to us because we were so good at fundraising money and it just got created and started from there.” 

Since its beginning, Northern Nevada Giving Tree has raised and donated to DAWG, Suicide Prevention, The Carson Valley Food Closet, ME for Incredible Youth (MEFIYI), Austin’s House, The Carson Valley Arts Council, W.A.V.E., CVMC Hospital Foundation and more. They’ve helped many organizations stay afloat during the 2020 pandemic and helped families during the Tamarack and Caldor Fires, said Easley.

“When people have a need we put it out there and whoever feels it on their heart, comes together,” said Van Winkle. 

Easley said one of the best things about the Northern Nevada Giving Tree is discovering the ‘under the radar’ organizations. 

“There are so many in the spotlight we hear about most often, but there are also organizations in our community that we don’t know or hear about as much, like MoxyUp a nonprofit in guiding young people to improve certain areas of their life or Literary Solutions of Nevada and so many others,” said Easley. “It feels good to give them support and help as well.” 

Easley said the support from the community and the willingness of people to reach out and join the Northern Nevada Giving Tree has been just as touching.

“We have people asking to join us all the time, and other groups too,” she said. “The 20/30 Club has joined us in helping families during the fires, members of the Mounted Posse too and so many people who have shown so much support and want to give back, serve our community and be a part of what we do.” 

The Northern Nevada Giving Tree meets the second Thursday of the month each quarter of the year at the Carson Valley Inn and will help any 501 C3 nonprofits established in Douglas County.

During meetings, members pitch a nonprofit to the group, add their monetary contribution and the group votes on which to serve. 

“The goal is to be a group of 100 or more like minded individuals who will contribute at each event to keep our numbers and dedication to the community growing, “said Easley. 

According to their goal, if 100 people join and donate $100, that’s $10,000 to a non-profit four times a year. 

“From mine and Toni’s perspective, it has been a real feel-good event to see all the giving people in the community and we love to be a part of it.” 

The next meetings are July 14 and October 13. For more information visit the organization on Facebook at Northern Nevada Giving Tree.  


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