‘Dora’s, Thrift And Gift’ — where wishes come true

Ron Walker

Ron Walker

 The moment is full of heightened expectancy. We are at the counter of Dora’s. Orllyene is eagerly awaiting her new cane. A group of us are standing around a counter. Clothing, jewelry, vases, books, DVDs, everything priced reasonably surround us. Two weeks earlier I had been at Walmart looking for a second cane for myself and had met Chad, a very personable fellow customer who had told me about Dora’s Thrift and Gift shop and if I couldn’t find a cane at WalMart, they had one for $5 at Dora’s. Since Walmart was limited to four-pronged canes at that time, I immediately made a trip to Dora’s. I got my cane.

This prompted me to include Orllyene in my good fortune and she and I made a trip to Dora’s not long thereafter. Orllyene is a first-class shopper and she and Dora hit it off immediately. “My favorite color is purple,” Orllyene said in regard to a cane. “If we don’t find a purple one, we’ll paint the one we get purple,” Dora quips. Before we leave I notice a placard on the side of a Lexus license plate in front of the store with the letters USC on the license plate holder and mention it to Dora.  I have a Lexus and went to USC. It seems, we both have vintage Lexus’ and we each attended USC She was in the Class of ’79 and I was in the class of ’54. We bond instantly. 

Dora’s business operation hums with activity. Choices are monumental. People are buying spontaneously or searching intently or putting in requests for specific items. In our case Dora assures us we will receive a telephone call as soon as a cane comes in. Dora even writes her business telephone number on a card and invites us to call if we haven’t heard from her in a few days. 

Then tragedy strikes. A message from Dora says she received a cane, but we garble the information, delay our response and the cane is sold. We apologize and put in another request and happily, a cane comes in. Without hesitation we make a trip to Dora’s and receive Orllyene’s shiny, new violet colored cane. “Violet” is the name of our 5 year old great-grand-daughter in Reno and this adds additional meaning to the festivities. Dora, Chad (Dora’s associate), Nancy (a customer), Orllyene and me become a circle of friendship. Feeling empowered I ask Dora if she, would allow me to do an article about her in The Record-Courier. Nancy chimes in and says she reads my column, and it will be great fun. This encourages Dora and she acquiesces. Another question pops into my mind; “Nancy, why do you bring items to Dora’s and are also a customer? Very quietly Nancy turns toward Dora and says, “Because of her.” 

For a scant few moments, our little circle of strangers is linked together in friendship. Orllyene has her new cane, I have something to write about, Nancy says nice things about “Senior Scene” and Dora and Chad and have our gratitude. Dora is a very dedicated businessperson and a privilege to know.

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