The time to prepare is right now

 There’s usually at least a beat before the first wildland fire breaks out in the spring, and it’s usually not at Lake Tahoe. Monday’s roughly 1,000 square foot fire at Kahle Community Park is a reminder no time of year is good to be careless with fire.

Tahoe-Douglas firefighters responded to multiple reports of the 4 p.m. fire at Highway 50 and Kahle Drive at Stateline.

It didn’t help that the wind was blowing, with 30 mph gusts hitting right when the fire started to spread.

Firefighters had the blaze well in hand shortly after arriving.

Surely, one small fire at Lake Tahoe isn’t the end of the world. Firefighters had it out in good order. Nothing was lost besides some vegetation and no one was hurt. 

 On Tuesday, four East Fork Fire Protection District firefighters and a Type 3 Brush Engine were scheduled to leave for New Mexico.

It’s a fact of our climate that dry conditions move north as summer approaches, and we haven’t had much in the way of moisture to slow things down. April was not a particularly wet month in the overall scheme of things, with only .36 inches compared to the average .49, but the month accounted for very close to half of the moisture Minden has received during 2022. It’s easy to say, “We needed it,” but those April showers will bring May flowers, which will turn into June’s flashy fuels.

The best time to prepare for wildfires is always the present. We’re fortunate that we have something like residents can refer to when figuring out how to best protect their families and property. 


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