The June 29, 2022, R-C Morning Report

Dust shows up at the Carson Valley inversion layer on June 20 after a windstorm.

Dust shows up at the Carson Valley inversion layer on June 20 after a windstorm.


Genoa, Nev. — Smoke from the 510-acre Rices Fire burning northwest of Grass Valley is forecast to arrive north of Reno this morning. It doesn’t appear that it will come this far south from the simulation, but the fire doesn’t have a computer.

A report of smoke east of Johnson Lane on Tuesday afternoon ended up being dust from Mason Valley, likely from Alkali Lake. With 51 days since it last rained, at all, expect the dust to stay in the air for a while.

I’ll follow up with the highway patrol on Tuesday’s crash on Highway 395 that ended up with a utility truck in the landscaping. I didn’t hear anyone transported as a result of injuries.

Speaking of close calls, Tahoe-Douglas and Douglas deputies responded to two boats adrift off Cave Rock on Tuesday morning. One was reportedly taking on water. Both were towed safety to shore, but maybe make sure the boat is in good working order before you hit the waves.

There was a report of a bear down at the Topaz Lodge this morning. We’ve had instances of bears climbing into cars on the west side, so residents around Genoa are either locking up or making sure there’s nothing a bear would want inside.

A bear in Tennessee got stuck in a car with food wrappers left inside and died from the heat on June 23. Nothing quite so distressing as coming back to your vehicle and finding a big dead bear inside.

The high temperature at Minden-Tahoe Airport topped out at 93 degrees on Tuesday, and it’s 61 degrees out this morning. Neither of those are anywhere near records.

Today’s high is forecast to reach 88 degrees with the wind out of the southwest at 5-10 mph, increasing to 10-15 mph, gusting to 30 mph.

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