June 15, 2022, R-C Letters to the Editor


To our loving community


On behalf of the Montanucci family, words cannot express our most humble and profound gratitude and in thanksgiving for the outpouring of love and support that you individually committed to the representing our little family in this unimaginable, pivotal time in our lives.

Fallon Taylor loved to live each day and took great pride in being a model citizen in our beautiful area.

Her spirit reflects in the love, honor, and respect that you so graciously bestowed upon our sweet daughter.

For our community we are so ever grateful.

Paula, Avalon and Eddie Montanucci


Great Parade


What a delightful way to spend Saturday morning sitting on a shady curve along 395 and watching the pomp and circumstance of our own, hometown parade celebrating, honoring and showing off the many wonderful events and businesses throughout this beloved Valley. The anticipation….the waiting…the listening….the looking and then the band comes into view and observers start clapping with the joy of the music. Little ones along the street dance to the beat and look forward to catching the candy that is being freely distributed along the route. 

Carson Valley’s parade is a stunning display of not only the colorful floats, decorated cars — both antique and new — but trucks, motorcycles, horse riders and bright red tractors proudly displaying the American flag as well as our state flag. Only in America do our  Valley people currently running for office freely join in the festivities and follow along the route in their brilliantly adorned vehicles. 

Children and young adults show off their phenomenal dance skills moving to the music….Nimble gymnasts turn flips in the air along 395, and people on floats demonstrate their accomplishments in weight-lifting and body building . A large and stately three-legged dog marches proudly with his companion and has on his doggy shoes to protect his three paws. He occasionally sips water from his portable bowl and wags his tail profusely. Sheer pleasure for those of us watching.

Kudos to all who helped to make such a laudable performance with such a worthy line-up of savvy entertainment which engaged everyone along the route. 

Robin L. Sarantos


Value life


A “college graduate of 50 years ago in her reproductive years” should have enough common sense that right choices need to be made before it becomes a child. And after.  (IIona Strull Carson City 6/11 Appeal) Two wrongs have never made a... “right.”

Every “unwanted pregnancy” became a human being, and Planned Parenthood’s ”reproductive health care” became the means of killing the next generation of Americans within 50 years. A president?  

A scientist?  Perhaps a doctor with a cure for cancer?  It’s incalculable. 

We “call ourselves Americans” because we “hold truths to be self-evident...that we are endowed by our Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are LIFE...” The “founding fathers” wanted a government that would ensure freedom of religion not freedom from religion. Read it.

The young woman today who slowly bleeds to death internally from the chemical abortion pills mifepristone and misoprostol - now available over the counter without a doctor’s prescription - might as well be in a “back ally” again in her own home... because of Planned Parenthood’s lie of an easy safe solution.

If a person is seeking the truth about abortion they have only to go to the Internet and find “Live Action” and view just one four-minute video from their series “Abortion Procedures.”

“After all we live in the USA.  What will be next”... if we don’t take responsibility and value the sanctity of life itself?  Killing children in our schools?   

Joy Uhart



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