Chase through Douglas ends in Carson City crash

Two men, one adult and one juvenile, were arrested Monday night after a high-speed incident that started in Douglas County.

Carson City Sheriff Ken Furlong said the vehicle was spotted going through Douglas County at high speed, but he said deputies there quickly ended the pursuit because the vehicle was traveling more than 100 mph.

He said the vehicle was spotted in the area of Target and made it down to Casino Fandango at more than 100 mph. But he said it wasn’t really a high-speed pursuit because deputies terminated the chase almost immediately due to the vehicle’s speed.

He said the vehicle crashed on Curry Street into a pole then the occupants ditched the vehicle.

He said they bailed out right in front of the Galaxy Theater doors, leaving the damaged vehicle behind.

Furlong said one of the two made a statement that they ran because they had “weed” in the vehicle.

He said the driver was charged with reckless driving and the two may face other misdemeanor counts.


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