Woman admits spitting in workers' face during pandemic


A California woman faces up to six years in prison after she admitted spitting in the face of a Stateline casino worker during the height of the coronavirus outbreak.

Amanda Ann Pitts, 42, admitted a charge of battery by a parolee on Aug. 15.

She was scheduled for trial next month but decided to change her plea to guilty on a charge of battery by a parolee in connection with the Oct. 24, 2020 incident.

Pitts faces 1-6 years in prison, or she could get probation in the case.

As a result of negotiations, prosecutors dropped a charge of grand larceny grand larceny.

• Three Fallon women admitted Monday they rolled $1,970.45 in groceries out of the Gardnerville Walmart on July 20.

Celestina Renee Ortiz, 29, Kelly Ann Conway, 37, and Surina Clairmont, 38, entered guilty pleas to attempted grand larceny.

While prosecutor Patrick Ferguson said it was his intent to seek a felony when they’re sentenced on Sept. 26, they could also receive a gross misdemeanor.

All three were released on their own recognizance but were warned that their behavior could affect their fate at sentencing.

Both Conway and Clairmont have been to prison. Ortiz was released from drug court a month before the theft after being ordered to participate as the result of a drug possession charge.

Conway was drunk and driving a pickup which the women and two men loaded up after passing security. Deputies caught up with the black Ford with an aquarium in the back after receiving the 9:15 p.m. report.

• A woman, who took fentanyl in front of her 5-year-old daughter and was given two doses of Narcan after passing out in the back of a patrol car, admitted to child endangerment Tuesday.

According to the sheriff’s report, Baldwinson was at the Haas Center with Daniel King when the vehicle was approached by a deputy who recognized them. A deputy contacted Baldwinson and confirmed she had a warrant out of Carson City and then detained her.

According to court documents, the deputy then contacted King and while talking to him, noticed that Baldwinson had passed out.

After she was revived, she told deputies she took a bunch of fentanyl to avoid being caught.

Because there was child in the vehicle, at least three glass pipes and methamphetamine, Baldwinson and King are both facing child endangerment charges.

“You ever heard of a child who grew up and say ‘yeah, I had a mom, but she died of an overdose.’ Do you want your child to be that child?” said District Court Judge Tod Young.

At her Oct. 18 sentencing, Baldwinson faces 364 days in Douglas County Jail and a $2,000 on the gross misdemeanor charge.


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