Washoe County artist paints tribute to the Caldor Fire

Vicki Kawelmacher's painting inspired by the Caldor Fire

Vicki Kawelmacher's painting inspired by the Caldor Fire


When you look at the painting 'Out of the Ashes We Will Rise' you can almost feel the heat and the tug on your heart as you're drawn into the fire that has caused havoc and devastation around the Lake Tahoe and surrounding communities.

Like many, Washoe County resident Vicki Kawelmacher was moved to tears as she watched the Caldor Fire destroy entire communities and threaten Lake Tahoe and felt the need to help.

"We've lived under a blanket of smoke for many weeks and seen so much loss and devastation, I knew I had to do something, but I wasn't sure what," said Kawelmacher. "The inspiration came in an instant, and I heard that small voice say 'paint the fire,' so I did."

Kawelmacher has been painting since 2019, just letting her creativity and spirit guide her across the canvas. She is also a graphic designer and a speaker and trainer in self-protection. Her goal is to educate, encourage and empower others through her presentations with or without a paint brush.

As stated on her website, art has helped Kawelmacher heal many wounds she endured throughout the years and perhaps this painting can do the same for someone else.

"Through all the loss and destruction there is always hope. This painting is a reminder that out of the ashes there will always be beauty and new life," said Kawelmacher. "

This one-of-a-kind original 24"X48" painting with vibrant colors of red, yellow, brown, black and gold representing the Caldor Fire is now available for auction on Kawelmacher's website artjustbecause.com starting at $400 bid.

Kawelmacher said the winning bidder will be able to direct their donation to the fire relief cause or charity of their choice. Donations can also be made instead of buying the piece and all money collected through donations will be added to the amount of the winning bid.

"I just thought, there is the incentive. You donate the money, you get the painting and the money goes to a charity or nonprofit in your name," said Kawelmacher.

Kawelmacher said she can see this painting in a restaurant, hotel or somewhere displayed publicly where the community can be reminded of the Caldor Fire or it would make a great piece and conversation starter in someone’s home. The choice is yours.

For more information and to make a bid or donation visit artjustbecause.com


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