Troop 33 fledges seven Eagle Scouts

The Eagle Scout Court of Honor

The Eagle Scout Court of Honor


Good Morning Johnson Laners,

We are fortunate that we get to see eagles frequently in our valley, well, when we are not dealing with the smoke from the Caldor or Dixie Fires. During the last week of August, Troop 33 let seven scouts go from the nest to become Eagle Scouts.

These young men earned their Eagle Rank during perhaps one of the hardest years in the Troops 82-year history due to COVID. Some earned it early in age and some worked pretty much right up until their 18th birthday. Scouts must have all the requirements completed before they turn 18 in order to earn the Eagle Rank.

Each one of them had to go through a gauntlet of rank requirements, Scoutmaster conferences, Board of Reviews. 21 Merit Badges (11 are Eagle required) an Eagle Project and finally an Eagle Board of Review. They attended yearly Boy Scout Camps. Some even did High adventure camps which included, hiking in New Mexico, Canoeing in Canada or sailing in Florida. The Rank of Eagle is not easily earned. It takes hard work, motivation and a desire to achieve something less than 1 percent of all Boy Scouts Earn.

It was my great honor as the committee Chairman to open the Eagle Courts for Michel Galgiani, Harrison Morris, Ethan Robison, Chris Rowe and Nicholas Myers on the 26th of August. William Crosby also earned his but was unable to attend due to college commitments. Each of these Eagles earned their ranks throughout the year but were unable to schedule a court due to Covid restrictions. We were not about to let them soar without a celebration of their accomplishment.

On the 28th of August I opened the Eagle Court for Dylan Hassman. He was our seventh scout to earn his Eagle Rank. It was also a joyous event filled with mementos and mothers’ tears and fathers’ grins. You see earning the Eagle Rank is nearly as much of an accomplishment for the parents as it is for the scouts themselves. It has taken years of poking and prodding, checking in and perhaps some heavy persuasion and long talks to get the scouts to understand their goals and the reasons for wanting this accomplishment.

I could fill this edition up with stories from each of the Eagle Scouts from Troop 33 and what each of them have accomplished but this journal is about honoring these seven and thanking them for making Troop 33 a successful scout troop and thanking their parents for all their efforts for all the behind the scene work it takes to make things come together for the final award ceremony, an Eagle Court of Honor. Thank you, Dylan, Michel, Harrison, Chris, Nick, Ethan and William and congratulations. You gave us great memories and we know you all will go on to do great things like those who have earned their Eagle Scout Rank.

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