Sept. 2, 2021, R-C Letters to the Editor


A couple of corrections


Walt Nowosad’s letter of Aug. 19 contains sentiments worthy of consideration. The situation in Afghanistan is anything but admirable. However, the letter contains numerous errors.

The letter concluded that the Vietnam War concluded with “epic” pictures of a helicopter removing people from the U.S. Embassy and a tank crashing its gates.

In reality the picture is of a senior Vietnamese intelligence source and his family being removed from the Pittman apartment building roof at 22 Gia Long St., on April 29, 1975, not the embassy. The helicopter is a CIA Air America Bell 205 serial number "N47004.”

The North Vietnamese Army tank crashed the gates of the Reunification Convention Hall on April 30, 1975, not the embassy.

On Dec. 29, 1972, Operation Linebacker II ended with over 100,000 bombs dropped on Hanoi and Haiphong in 11 days. The threat of continued bombing drove the North back to the negotiating table and caused them to rapidly capitulate to a cessation of hostilities, including a release of POWs. The war ended with the full withdrawal of American combat troops in March 1973 with lack of hostilities lasting for up to two years. The war was not “concluded” with the “evacuation” of Saigon in 1975. The 1975 chaos in Saigon was not caused by the withdrawal of American troops.

Neither North or South Vietnam could afford to fund a large army. China and the Soviet Union were supporting North Vietnam.

Subsequent to the withdrawal of troops, the United States passed the Case-Church Amendment which forbid any further U.S. military involvement in Southeast Asia and grossly under-funded South Vietnam.

It was after the loss of this threat that the Communist developed a renewed willingness to once again take up their actions against South Vietnam and overran the country.

The U.S. military did not lose a war. It was the U.S. government that lost the peace which was paid for by so many lives.

The correlation between Afghanistan and Vietnam is weak at best. One might question the validity of other portions of the letter.

Before we undertake to learn from history it would behoove us to ensure that our record of history is accurate.

Ben Justus


Why are masses so quiet


A recent first lady said she was ashamed of America. I now find myself ashamed not of America, but of America’s leadership. This is not partisan but rather I am ashamed of the silence from our state and federal politicians in general and the public itself.

Yes, there are a few who will stand up and voice their thoughts and support of America, but the masses are pathetically quiet. Quiet regarding immigration that promotes open southern borders and closed northern borders. Quiet about crime and murder rates in our major cities. Quiet about runaway deficit spending that our children and grandchildren will have to repay. Quiet about government paying people more to not work than work. Quiet about major media outlets spewing opinions, misinformation and biases. Quiet about public schools failing the most valuable and needy. Quiet about people being labeled, demeaned and disrespected. Quiet about Afghanistan and the evacuation of American citizens and Afghan allies. Quiet about ordinary citizens’ thought and expression being suppressed in the name of “woke.” Quiet about the lack of direction and resolve from our current leadership. And the list has just started.

Generally speaking, America was once respected by and seen as “noble” by neighbors and the world, in general. It now seems we face humiliation and embarrassment from those who once admired what America stood for and what we were willing to die for.

Once we knew and taught that as E. James Rohn used to say, “All good will be attacked and freedom will always have to be defended.” Today our leadership and many people have no idea what they stand for. And they have no idea what they will fall for.

I do not think it is too late to turn the direction of this country back to the ideals our founding fathers risked their lives to formulate, fight for, and demonstrate to the rest of the world. I do know that if we remain silent the result will be our own fault. How will you explain that to your child, grandchild and others? We were too busy? We just couldn’t get involved?

Ella Wheeler Wilcox wrote, “To sin in silence while others doth protest makes cowards out of men.” Stand up for America.

Peter Engle



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