Bently Nevada opens remote center in Singapore

The Bently Nevada property is located at 1631 Bently Parkway in Minden.

The Bently Nevada property is located at 1631 Bently Parkway in Minden.
Courtesy: Bently Nevada

Bently Nevada, a Baker Hughes business, recently opened a new remote monitoring center (RMC) in Singapore to expand its offerings to industrial customers in the Asia-Pacific.

This will be the first RMC for Bently Nevada in Asia-Pacific and the eighth in the world, supporting services in English, Mandarin and Malay, 
according to recent media reports.

The new RMC will reportedly enable continuous monitoring of key assets across offshore oil and gas platforms, liquefied natural gas plants, refineries, petrochemical plants and industrial manufacturing sites.

Specifically, the RMC’s in-house machinery diagnostic engineers will analyze early warning signals for predictive maintenance and provide customers near real-time insights on potential issues and recommended actions.

“Given the increased demand for remote monitoring and diagnostics for key assets across the energy and industrial sectors, we are excited to launch this center to better service our customers in Asia-Pacific,” said KH Hor, Asia-Pacific sales director of Bently Nevada at Baker Hughes. “We can monitor assets and provide insights to our customers near real-time and in a cost-effective way, while mitigating safety risks associated with physical travel to customer sites.”

Bently Nevada — which celebrated its 
60th anniversary of relocating its headquarters to Minden in 2018 (when it was under General Electric's ownership) — employs more than 1,500 people in nine countries, with 600 of those working in Minden.

The company’s global network of RMCs has over 1,500 customer assets at 50 unique customer sites. With the Singapore RMC, Bently Nevada has more than 150 employees in Asia-Pacific, supporting 200 key customers with an 80 percent market share in power and oil and gas facilities.

“The new remote monitoring center represents our commitment to Singapore and Asia-Pacific,” said Ed J. Boufarah, vice president of Bently Nevada at Baker Hughes. “We are investing for growth to support our customers’ digital transformation journeys, to continuously monitor equipment health and provide machinery insights for optimal industrial asset management.”


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