Felony drug sale charge results in prison


A California man who failed to turn up for his sentencing in June was ordered to prison for 1-3 years on Tuesday.

Daniel Scott Trenholm, 37, admitted to possession of a controlled substance for sale in May in connection with a March 8 traffic stop.

Trenholm was brought back to Douglas County from California where he is on parole.

Pointing out that his co-defendant was sent to prison, prosecutor Patrick Ferguson said Trenholm deserves a long sentence.

“He was on probation when he was arrested, because he’s pretty much always on probation or parole,” Ferguson said.

Trenholm said he served eight months in California before being brought back to Nevada.

“Seeing my wife in here made me want to change,” he said, asking District Judge Tod Young not to judge him by appearances.

“You have written the pages in your book,” Young said. “You are a career criminal.”

Trenholm was ordered to pay $704.27 in restitution for his transportation back to Douglas County.

• A California woman who brought 300 fentanyl pills along with her on a visit to Douglas County admitted to felony possession of a controlled substance.

Lillian Lee Evans, 23, faces mandatory.

Evans appeared in Douglas County District Court on Tuesday.

Under an agreement, prosecutors won’t seek jail time as a condition of probation at her Jan. 18, 2022, sentencing.

She was arrested Sept. 3 with 300 fentanyl pills. She told District Judge Tod Young that she was afraid of going through withdrawals.

She is undergoing a rehab program in Watsonville, Calif., where she will continue as an intern.

“This drug kills people,” District Judge Tod Young told Evans.

• One of the final members of a burglary ring that raided homes in the foothills and in the Pine Nuts was sentenced on Tuesday.

A man who failed to appear for his sentencing on a gross misdemeanor conspiracy charge will be in jail until next spring.

Myka Jacob Stickley, 21, was scheduled to be sentenced on July 28, 2020, but he didn’t turn up for court.

Stickley was involved in the burglary of a Juniper Valley home, according to prosecutor Matthew Johnson.

The burglaries occurred between Aug. 1 and Sept. 27, 2019.

Stickley was given 364 days in jail on a charge of conspiracy to commit grand larceny, with 364 days credit for time served.

He received 210 days in jail for failing to appear with 22 days time served.

Alleged ringleader Bridgett Denial Blair, 43, was sentenced to 4-10 years in prison in July 2020 on four counts of burglary in the case.


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