Giving thanks for the things we have

Drum-sticking up some excitement  an organizer dons the turkey costume at Thursday's Turkey Trot in Minden Park.

Drum-sticking up some excitement an organizer dons the turkey costume at Thursday's Turkey Trot in Minden Park.
Photo by Kurt Hildebrand.


It’s a pretty common Thanksgiving tradition to go around table and say what you’re thankful for.

In the spirit of that tradition, The R-C would like to share some things we’re thankful for every day of the year.

We’re thankful for our Carson Valley community of readers, subscribers and contributors.

It’s no secret that The R-C has had some rough patches over the years, and without that family, we have no idea how we would still be here, chronicling this rare and wonderful place.

We’re thankful to our advertisers, some of whom have supported the paper for decades. We believe in private enterprise and are capitalists to our core. We believe there’s a market for local news. We hope that we produce a product people find valuable, and we’re thankful our advertisers agree.

We’re thankful that we have this beautiful place to call our home. The mountains rising suddenly over the Valley are so iconic, they’ve been gracing The Record-Courier’s banner for 95 years. The contrast between the soaring peaks and the green fields brings us joy every day we take the time to absorb the view. It shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone familiar with the pages of The R-C that we love the weather here.

We’re thankful for the 140 years of history that we have at our fingertips online thanks to the Douglas County Public Library. Research projects that used to take weeks or even months can be accomplished in a matter of moments.

We’re thankful for the many public servants in Douglas County, which has more governments per capita than any other place in Nevada. We think of it as a holdover from those not-so distant pioneer days when people had to self-organize to get things done.

We’re thankful for all the kindnesses, large and small, we witness on a daily basis. We’re thankful for being able to share with the world our little corner of the Silver State.

We’re thankful that we have a place at the table with our family, friends and neighbors and can contribute in our small way to this community we call home.


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