Too great a toll


The two fatalities in the collision at Highway 395 and Interstate 580 on Tuesday brought the total of deaths on Nevada roads to 317, or the same number as all of 2020.

The Nevada Highway Patrol’s reporting at ends at Nevada Day.

We’re certain there have been other fatalities across the state since the beginning of November, but the two just north of the Douglas County line were the closest to home.

Even as a trickle of cars began to flow past the collision, another wreck occurred on Highway 88 near Centerville where one person was thrown from a vehicle.

We know that person was helicoptered for treatment as air ambulances flew back and forth from collision to collision.

It is less than two weeks before the busy holiday travel season begins and it’s not looking hopeful.

Inattention, distraction and aggression seem to rule the roadways these days. Maybe being cooped up for 2020 had something to do with that, but it doesn’t seem like people are getting better at driving, and the statistics seem to bear that out.

We have a favor to ask of our readers over the coming weeks, and that’s to please, please be careful.

For every life lost on the highway there are a score of others affected by the loss of a breadwinner, a loved one, a friend in another senseless tragedy on the highway.

We know the holidays are a stressful time. At best that means someone might not be paying complete attention to what they’re doing. At worst it might mean someone decides to get behind the wheel after imbibing, making themselves a hazard to everyone on the highway.

In any case, take a moment. Think about your next move and perhaps the one after that.

Call for a ride if you’re impaired. Ask for help if you’re overwhelmed. Every moment of our lives is precious to us and to those who love us, just as other’s lives are precious to them.


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