May 20 R-C Letters to the Editor


Sporting Clays not shot at CVI or Mars


About the casino offering Sporting Clay's, complaining about the noise of shotguns. Are you or Christopher Jones aware that the Sporting Clay's are shot on ranges at least five miles from the Inn? Mr. Jones makes it seem that Sporting Clay's are shot at the Inn. I guess no one checked the accuracy of the submittals.

Tom Clark


Tahoe Youth and Family Services here to help


One in five adolescents have had a serious mental health disorder, most commonly depression, anxiety disorders, and/or a substance use disorder. As the COVID-19 pandemic improves and life begins to get back to normal, many of our youth are having a difficult time coping with anxiety and the stress of returning to school. Those old feelings of non-acceptance, being bullied and academic stress is causing challenges for many teens. If your child is struggling call Tahoe Youth & Family services for help.

Most mental health problems diagnosed in adulthood begin in adolescence and the importance of managing mental health problems in adolescents can affect adult functioning in areas such as personal and social relationships, and performance in the workforce. There is an average delay of 11 years between the onset of symptoms of a mental illness and treatment. With only about 50% of youth in the United States receiving treatment, it leaves half of our youth unnoticed, uncared for, and vulnerable. According to the CDC, suicide is the second leading cause of death among teens, with females attempting 3 times more than males, but males completing suicide almost 4 times more as females.

Some common mental health warning signs for adolescents include:

Regularly feeling very angry or very worried

Having difficulty sleeping or eating

Losing interest in activities they used to enjoy.

Isolating themselves and avoiding social interactions

Experiencing prolonged grief after loss

Obsessive exercising or eating

Feeling their mind is not their own.

Harming themselves, other people and/or destruction of property

Loss of energy

Feeling a loss of control over emotions

If your child is having challenges and struggling call Tahoe Youth & Family Services. Take this opportunity to help your teen know they are not alone. Our professional licensed counselors can help your teen recognize their strengths and help them learn new skills to help them during these difficult times. We also have an in-person weekly Teen group in our Gardnerville office. We continue to offer Telehealth for those who find this works better for their situation.

Both our Gardnerville and South Lake Tahoe are now open providing in-person counseling services Monday – Thursdays. To schedule an appointment in Gardnerville call (775) 782-4202 or in South Lake Tahoe call (530) 541-2445.

Karen Carey

Tahoe Youth and Family Services

A good turn deserving of another


It is with a very grateful heart that I thank the kind person who found my hearing aid at the Johnson Lane General Store last Friday. They were kind enough to take the trouble to turn it in to the cashier for me to pick up when I was frantically trying to figure out where I might have lost it. Thank you so much. I hope someone does a good turn for you one of these days.

Cora Johnson



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