Man faces felony burglary charge in Ranchos shooting

Christian Hennessy Gorham has been ordered held without bail.

Christian Hennessy Gorham has been ordered held without bail.


A man, who was shot by a resident after he ran into a Gardnerville Ranchos home early Wednesday morning, claimed his life was in danger.

Christian Hennessy Gorham, 23, is facing a felony burglary charge in addition to recovering from his gunshot wound after the 4 a.m. incident.

According to a sheriff’s report filed in support of the charge, residents at Alicia Circle told deputies they were asleep when someone woke them by banging on the window.

One armed himself with a .357 magnum and then let the dog out into the backyard.

Gorham ran through the slider and despite being ordered to stop backed the resident up on a corner before he opened fire.

Gorham then ran into the bathroom where another resident was taking shelter and said his family was dead and someone wanted to kill him.

The deputy said the residents were clearly terrified by the encounter.

Gorham was taken to Carson Valley Medical Center where a deputy tried to interview him, but said he was talking nonsense and was clearly in some sort of crisis. Deputies checked on his family, who are fine.

The residents on Alicia said they didn’t know Gorham.

The week before Gorham appeared in East Fork Justice Court for violating a protection order issued in connection with a domestic battery.

He was under orders to stay at least 100 yards from a Gardnerville home occupied by a relative in connection with a domestic battery.

The relative saw that he was sitting on the couch and called deputies on April 27. When they arrived, they found him still on the couch with a mint tin full of 30 alprazolam pills. He was taken into custody and was ordered released after another day in custody on April 28. He was released on April 29.

He is scheduled to appear in East Fork Justice Court on Friday. He is represented by attorney Matthew Ence.

The identity of a man shot and killed early Tuesday morning in a very similar incident had not been released as of Thursday afternoon.


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