March 4, 2021, Letters to the Editor

A sincere thank-you


I would sincerely like to thank the Carson City Health and Human Services for running the coronavirus vaccine program. Also, thank you to all the Douglas County Senior Center volunteers who were helping people with appointment applications.

A special thank-you to Douglas County Community Services Department Administrative Services Manager Liz Baumgartner for her unrelenting help to those of us who needed help with signing up for appointments and or helping correct any problems that may have occurred during the process.

I am sure her phone was ringing non-stop during this process and when i contacted her for help she was always kind, cheerful and efficient. Last but not least, thank you to the National Guard, who did a fantastic job on shot number two at the fairgrounds by directing traffic at the fairgrounds, letting people know when and where to go into the pavilion and for registering on their computers, everyone who was getting a shot.

Jim Joseph


East Fork fire was outstanding


I want to express my gratitude for the excellent, and caring, attention that was given to me by the responders of the East Fork Fire Department during a recent fall. They acted quickly and with great care. My family and I were most appreciative and thankful for their attention. They provide a great service for this community and we are ever so fortunate for their help in time of need.

Joanne Hall

Carson Valley

The Divided States of America


When Obama took office I told a friend “I think he's divisive.” Don't know if it was him or the powers behind him but since then things have not gotten better. The poor hate the rich and the rich hate the poor. The Democrats hate the Republicans. The BLM hate the WLM. The elected politicians (think elitists, at least that's how they think of themselves) hate the stupid taxpayer (at least that's how they think of us).

Think: Persia is now Iran; Burma is now Myanmar; Ceylon is now Sri Lanka; Kampuchea is now Cambodia. Maybe it's about time to change the United States of America to the Divided States of America.

We can thank our leaders who seem to adhere to the old adage: “divide and conquer.” They'll claim no responsibility when the revolution comes.

You know you're in trouble when the qualifications for the leader of the country are can he or she read a teleprompter well and is he or she likable.

Trump’s only problem (aside from only opening his mouth to change feet) was that he was not a member of the club. Biden though, has been in politics for so long he not only knows what, when, why but where the bodies are buried. What he says and what he does are contradictory. Our DSA needs all the help we can get.

M. A. Richardson



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