VHR resolution returns to commission today

The scenery is just one of the attractions for visitors to Lake Tahoe.

The scenery is just one of the attractions for visitors to Lake Tahoe.
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The operators of a high-end condo project at Stateline say that a fifth of those who’ve purchased the condos intend to offset their costs by renting to vacationers.

A proposed moratorium on new vacation home rental permits in Tahoe Township goes before Douglas County commissioners on Thursday.

Beach Club Sales Director Shayla Hope said half of those they’ve sold to have said they don’t intend to rent out their condos, and another 30 percent said there’s a possibility.

“I’ve spoken to all of the homeowners at Tahoe Beach Club and a majority of the homeowners support (short-term rentals) in our community, even if they aren’t renting themselves, and simply wish that there are procedures in place to provide a quality experience for everyone involved.”

Hope said that in the days since a potential moratorium was announced as a possibility it has already affected Beach Club’s sales.

On Feb. 18, county commissioners voted to temporarily suspend issuance of new vacation home rental permits. Today, commissioners are considering a resolution to temporarily suspend the issuance of new permits while the county works on revisions to the existing ordinance. Permits issued before Feb. 18 are exempt from the resolution. 

Commissioners will also discuss the new regulatory framework based on a report from the county’s task force.

While there is no move to eliminate the current permits, some residents wrote the county believing that they would lose those permits.

“We own our home in Stateline and we are opposed to any kind of ban or reduction of short-term rentals,” wrote Gaston Defarrari, who list a California address.

World Class Property management owners Jeren and Heidi Gunter said they feel that if any cap is enacted on the number of vacation rentals, it should be at 1,000 units, which is just under twice the current number of permits.

Stateline resident Tim Pasken said he felt increased enforcement was the way to deal with the VHR issues at Lake Tahoe.

“I am confident a nuanced solution to the problems suffered by some local property owners is attainable without unnecessarily harming the right and economic interests of most others,” he said.

Not all those in favor of implementing the ordinance are full-time residents.

“As a longtime resident of Lake Village in Nevada, I am in favor of restricting short-term rentals,” Mark Regoli said. “I purchased a townhome in a nice complex and now find myself in an unregulated hotel.”


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