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Executive Director of the Douglas County Chamber of Commerce Alicia Main stands next to a wall of photos of family and teams she has been involved in.

Executive Director of the Douglas County Chamber of Commerce Alicia Main stands next to a wall of photos of family and teams she has been involved in.


She was running up the stairs two steps at a time the first time I met her, and I found out that is typical for her.

Alicia Main is passionate about her community and her life, and it is reflected in the way she behaves. Each day she “wakes up determined and goes to sleep with satisfaction.”

In her journey through life, she has found there are many ways to use her innate gifts to be of service. She is willing to constantly reevaluate and use creativity to make things happen. Alicia asks the hard questions about who she is, what her purpose is, and what fulfills her. She does this not only for herself, but with all the individuals she works with. She defines her priorities and focuses on what is truly important.

Alicia is the consummate coach. Her background has made her perfectly suited to bring better results and support for our local businesses as Executive Director of the Chamber. She assumed the position in March of 2020. She had been Chamber Manager for more than 10 years before, and navigated the organization through last year’s unfamiliar landscape with grace and ease. She is highly motivated to appreciate the good in people, loves to watch them succeed, and is willing to do the hard work to be there for them.

The oldest of four children, she moved to Carson Valley when she was in elementary school. Her mother took in foster children, and that helped to give Alicia a real perspective about responding to others while coaching.

“You don’t know what someone may be going through at home. At all times you need to give them the best of you and show them by example how you want them to be.”

She worked during high school and had some stellar teachers who took her under their wings. She knows how hard they worked, and that their caring went well beyond the call of duty. She notices this kind of extra effort and has a deep appreciation for all the people who have made a difference in her life.

“Everyone influences us and makes us who we are,” she comments.

After overseeing an estate in Tahoe, she went on to manage health clubs. She has always been an athlete, active in three different sports in school. She found that when you are doing something intensely physical, “You don’t have the time to worry about your life.” It also puts you in a healthy, positive environment.

A high point was her involvement with the Pitts family and the Travel Softball Team. She participated all the way through her graduation from Douglas High School. The bonds formed through this time are so strong, the team members still keep in touch today.

Because of her own experiences, coaching has come naturally to her.

“All these kids are my kids,” she says, “We are part of something bigger than ourselves and rally as a community.” Alicia is currently coaching basketball, but also coaches each sport in its season year round. She has three of her own children who are the light of her life. Keiana is 22 and lives in Utah. McKenzie and Luke attend Douglas High School and have started coaching their own teams also. The talent for it runs in the family.

She attended University of Nevada, Reno and is currently completing her degree in sports and performance psychology from Grand Canyon University. Alicia is going to school to be able to “educate her kids, rather than fix them later.” She says the bottom line is “finding a way to make little boys not cry when they strike out.”

Alicia feels you need to learn to love those things that you don’t like, or that are challenging to you. You keep getting up and facing them until you find the positive reason for them being there. Alicia has an innate shyness. She did not even like going to a drive-through. But today, she is constantly leading groups, putting on events, and speaking in front of large groups of people.

She still gets nervous before a gathering, but she has come to realize that is because she cares. It shows her how much importance what she has chosen to do means to her. Watching her facilitate a meeting or function, you can see she is intensely present, but she radiates a solid calmness. She has landed in the best possible place to use her abilities.

A woman of solid faith and decisive action, Alicia is a good listener. She says that even if you have not been through a similar experience, you can always be compassionate toward someone else’s struggles. The main thing is to be kind, be a good person, and work to set an example with your own behavior.

She is a new trustee for the Douglas County Historical Society. The Chamber Office is in the restored 1917 building that also houses the Carson Valley Museum and Cultural Center that is run by DCHS. She is involved in six other organizations that support the mental or physical health of our region, including the Partnership of Community Resources.

The Chamber of Commerce is a powerhouse of materials and support for our local businesses. Their mission statement is “To identify and address the changing needs of the business community.” I urge you to visit their website at to see the vast scope of what they do. Gina Macabales is Administrative Assistant and has worked with Alicia for over fourteen years. They make a solid team, shouldering the responsibility for making sure people are informed, strengthened, and encouraged.


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