Check on the vulnerable during heat wave


On Tuesday, Douglas County observed World Elder Abuse Awareness Day.

Someone should have told the weather.

High temperature records are forecast to fall today and Friday as the mercury approaches 100 degrees.

The National Weather Service has issued a heat advisory for Carson Valley starting 11 a.m. today and lasting through 8 p.m. Friday, with temperatures in spots around Western Nevada hitting 103 degrees.

Those high temperatures are hard enough on people who are used to them, but there is a significant number of Douglas residents who aren’t quite ready for highs approaching the century mark.

We’ve had drives to buy fans for seniors during past heat waves, and we might see something similar in the coming weeks unless the weather takes mercy on us.

High temperatures also generate energy that combined with a little moisture could bring thunderstorms. While it might seem that would help, but much as calling something a “dry heat” has become a meme, increased humidity can make conditions more miserable.

And that’s aside from the increased potential for power outages due to increased stress on the power grid or wildfires set by lightning.

The heat is hard on everyone, but it especially affects our older residents who comprise at least a quarter of our population.

That’s why it’s critically important that we check on our neighbors during the heat wave, to make sure they’re staying hydrated and have a means to stay cool.

Carson Valley has enjoyed some relatively mild summers in recent years with only a day or two cracking 100 degrees, but like any random occurrence, the chances for a stretch of high temperatures are always in the cards.

Play it smart by finding ways to stay out of the heat and helping those who need help keeping cool.


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