Tigers roar into the future

Douglas High School graduates launch their mortarboard caps into the wind on Saturday.

Douglas High School graduates launch their mortarboard caps into the wind on Saturday. Photo by Ron Harpin.

After achieving a 5.25 grade point average, Douglas High School Jump Start Valedictorian Hannah Serpa said none of her achievements were entirely her own.

“Not one of the congratulations we’ve received belongs exclusively to us,” she said to around 380 of her fellow graduates on Saturday morning. “You weren’t able to get that ‘A’ on your own. That blue ribbon was not possible without the people in ours lives being willing to contribute.”

She said she disagreed with Tony Robbins’ advice you shouldn’t cross oceans for people who wouldn’t cross a puddle for you.

“My advice is that we ignore that,” she said. “After all, oceans were crossed for us. Wondering if someone is worth your time is a waste of time. Life is not what you gain. It is about what you give.”

Fellow valedictorian Gavin Casper looked back at his four years at Douglas High School and the contribution it made to his life.

“They taught me to be a modern Renaissance man,” he said. “Not only did they have to teach us, they tried making school entertaining, as well. I will always reminisce about the adventures I had here I learned to work hard and allow myself to have fun while I was at it. I and the Class of 2021 will always be true representatives of the Douglas Way.”

Of the Class, 198 earned advance diplomas, or more than half, with 94 receiving honors diplomas. Of the 21 students that participated in the Jump Start Program, which allows them to earn college credit while attending high school, 11 earned associates degrees.

Thirty-five seniors who attended Douglas Nevada Online graduated on Saturday.

Douglas High School Music Director Tammy Owen conducted the Douglas Dynamics choir performance of “Remember Me,” from the movie Coco.

Principal Mike Rechs thanked the class for their work, especially during the last 15 months of the coronavirus outbreak.

“I genuinely and kindly want to say thank you for the Tiger pride and determination you’ve shown this year,” he said.

There were 51 members of the National Honor Society earned their seal.



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