Couple faces felonies in $10,000 credit card fraud


A Sunridge couple is facing multiple burglary and fraudulent credit card charges after they allegedly ran up more than $10,000 on a card belonging to a former roommate.

Marc and Sarah Chapple appeared in East Fork Justice Court on Monday where they were released from custody on their own recognizance.

Marc, 31, and Sarah, 27, were arrested on Friday in connection with a warrant.

Marc is facing five felony burglary counts, a charge of principal to using someone else’s credit card and a count of fraudulent of a credit card.

Sarah is facing two burglary charges and three charges related to the credit card.

According to the court file, the victim discovered someone was using an unemployment card she’d received from California.

She’d rented a room from the Chapples, but said she didn’t file a change of address form.

The victim reported the charges to the Sheriff’s Office which tracked the purchases of a cell phone and a laptop among other items.

In both purchases, Marc Chapplle purchased protection plans and filled out the forms using his own contact information.

Both are scheduled to appear in East Fork Justice Court on Aug. 4.

Attorney Maria Pence was appointed to represent Marc Chapple, Matthew Ence is representing Sarah Chapple.


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