Four-legged evacuees get helping hand

A burro being transported out of Topaz Ranch Estates.  Photo by Willis Lamm

A burro being transported out of Topaz Ranch Estates. Photo by Willis Lamm


Not all those displaced by the Tamarack Fire walk on two legs.

A black bear cub was rescued in Markleeville on Sunday evening after a resident reported it.

The cub was injured in the Tamarack Fire and its mother couldn’t be found.

Lake Tahoe Wildlife Care found and transported the cub to South Lake Tahoe, where it is recovering.

“As we begin the recovery process from another devastating wildfire fire, please remember that humans are not the only ones who have suffered a great loss,” Representative Jenny Curtis said. “Much of the wildlife in these areas have lost their homes and their lives. With the discovery of bear cub, Tamarack, we have hope of find more wildlife in need of our help. Please be aware and keep a watchful eye out for any wildlife that may be injured or suffering. If you find any wildlife in need of rescue, please call Lake Tahoe Wildlife Care at 530-577-2273.”

Residents are encouraged to call Lake Tahoe Wildlife Care, 530-577-2273 or the California Department of Fish and Wildlife, 916-445-0411, if they have located injured wildlife.

“We are lucky to have organizations like Lake Tahoe Wildlife Care that work selflessly to rehabilitate injured wildlife in our region,” Alpine County Public Information Officer JT Chevallier. “We are grateful for their quick and effective response to this situation. We are hopeful for a full and speedy recovery for “Tamarack”, our four-legged, Alpine County resident.”

Animal Rescue Relay raised $4,800 for to help pets over two days.

Organizers said donations will to support pets displaced by the fire.


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