Planning commission OKs meat plant

A small meat processing plant was approved for a site north of Buckeye Road.

A small meat processing plant was approved for a site north of Buckeye Road.


A special use permit for a meat processing plant was approved 7-0 by Douglas County planning commissioners on Tuesday, though with a big caveat.

It turns out that Park Ranch Holdings will have to hook up to sewer or obtain a variance because there’s a sewer line along Buckeye Road.

The Parks are proposing processing 20-60 animals a day inside a 9,320-square-foot portion of an existing 40,391-square-foot barn.

The parcel under the proposal is 41 acres and the barn is roughly 1,500 feet from the property line.

Under county code, if there’s a sewer line within 2,000 feet of a property line, an applicant has to connect to sewer.

Park representative Dave Lundergreen pointed out that the waste would have to be pre-treated and would likely require a lift station to pump to Minden-Gardnerville Sanitation District.

“We’d send it to MGSD, who would process it and send it to the pond where it will irrigate Park fields, and we have to buy it back from them. It’s super hard for us to stomach.”

The line serves Bently Science Park and Orbit Way.

A condition requiring the site to connect to water and sewer prior to a building permit being issued or obtain a variance under Douglas County Code.

Deputy District Attorney Sam Taylor added that should MGSD refuse to serve the plan, the project would be approved to use a commercial sewage disposal system that must be approved by the Nevada Department of Environmental Protection.

Lundergreen urged planning commissioners to decide one way or the other.

“We’d prefer you voted on it today, and put the conditions in there so we know where we stand, and can maybe move forward,” he said. “We haven’t spoken to MGSD and Minden.”


TheRealMile 2 months, 1 week ago

Well just goes to show favoritism runs rampant in Douglas County, deny that lady the permit for a meat plant but let the Parks get one with practically no issues. What a bunch of corrupt officials.

TheRealMile 2 months, 1 week ago

The woman who tried to get the centerville slaughterhouse on the old dairy farm land she bought. I didn’t look up the details just remember reading about her fight for the permit with the county over it.

spunx903 2 months, 1 week ago

It sounds like the Parks will not be happy about having to hook up to the sewer. And their comment about buying back water they sent to be treated is the same for every user in the valley. They ought to quit their whining. Glad the Commissioners ensured the Parks tow the line.

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