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July 8, 2021, Letters to the Editor


Responding to attack


Receiving negative comments is expected when you are in public service. A County Commissioner’s vote will make some people happy, and others upset.

It is usually wasted effort when responding to these counterproductive and pessimistic comments. However, after reading Maureen Morris’ letter to the editor, I thought it was necessary because of the false and misleading attacks she made about me personally instead of disagreeing on the votes I have cast.

Ms. Morris had a particular problem with me arriving at the April 1 meeting at 1 pm. One o’clock is the regularly scheduled time for Commission meetings. However, a few days leading into this meeting, County staff changed the start time to 10 am to complete some time-sensitive administrative items. I explained to staff I was out of town and could not get back until the time the meeting was originally scheduled.

Ms. Morris also attacked my attire at that meeting, claiming I wore a “red tracksuit.” Her assertion is also incorrect. I don’t own and haven’t worn a red tracksuit since playing basketball at UNLV in the early 1980s.

Ms. Morris then complained about me attending some meetings on zoom and for wearing a t-shirt in the June 14 meeting. I participated in that meeting on zoom because my first-born child played for the CIF basketball championship in San Diego. The game started just when the meeting was ending. I wore the t-shirt which reflected my daughter’s school name and colors as support of her endeavor.

I have always put my family first above anything else I do in life. It is the reason I moved my family to Douglas County. I stated the same during the election. This will never change. I am the only current Commissioner with young children, who is thus managing his commission duties with his parental responsibilities.

I am thankful for the many people who have acknowledged my hard work as a County Commissioner. It far exceeds the negative comments from the few. Unfortunately, it’s the negative comments that are usually printed in the letters to the editor.

Danny Tarkanian

Gardnerville Ranchos

Cates leadership worth rewarding


As Americans, we have been taught, practically since birth, that if we work hard and do a good job we will be rewarded. These well-known American values apparently aren't known to, or slipped the minds of, Douglas County Commissioners Engels, Nowasad, and Gardner who denied giving County Manager Patrick Cates a merit increase at their July 1 meeting.

Since the above-mentioned commissioners didn't have the decency to do so, I would like to take this time to thank Mr. Cates for a job well done over the past two years. Thank you for bringing stability to County operations. Thank you for your top-down example of ethical leadership and expectations of excellence. Thank you for putting in place the policies and procedures for current and future fiscal responsibility, including structure to reduce the risk of loss. All that you have done is deserving of a M increase.

In addition to the items listed above, thank you for leading us through an unprecedented global pandemic, the likes of which none of us, or our parents, have lived through. In the past 15 months of uncertainty, as a County employee, I never felt that I didn't know what was going on as far as my employment, or what was expected of me at my job. Whenever there was a change in national or statewide directive, I knew I would be informed within hours as to the expectations in our workplace. Within hours (minutes?) of our state being shut down last March, County management was on the job working to ensure the safety of our residents and planning for the possible fiscal ramifications. The leadership alone through this unprecedented event was worthy of a merit increase.

I hope that others will read this and take the time to thank Mr. Cates and/or let our County Commissioners know how they feel. My husband and I raised our family in Douglas County and I know from experience when parents are working and shuttling kids to activities, etc how hard it is to find time to tell our leaders how we feel but please try to take a few minutes to do so. My observation is that our commissioners only hear from a few people in their echo chamber and don't always hear from the majority of us.

Caroline Chieffo


Doesn’t pass the Bensford Law


I knew this was going to happen. I didn’t mischaracterize Ms. Rice’s letter and I realize that she didn’t propose illegals voting or statehood for D.C. and Puerto Rico or supporting packing the Supreme Court with liberal justices. She did however state without any proof ‘that 100 democracy experts’ think that the Republican Party (Americans with horns and cloven feet) is a direct threat to our democracy and I simply asked what these 100 experts would think regarding the issues I mentioned that are of paramount importance to the Democrats. There are more than a few people who run as Republicans and consider themselves as such that can’t stand Trump and therefore have helped the Democrats steal the election. I provided proof of instances where this is true and if you’ve been following the election audit in Arizona you would realize the truth of my allegation. Other states such as Pennsylvania, Georgia, and Wisconsin are also being audited for election fraud. Even California, the bluest of the blue, doesn’t pass the Bensford Law, which is a statistical analysis involving elections and business proceedings. Ms. Rice reverts to form when she states that 46 percent of Republicans think it would be appropriate to give Trump electors that Biden won. This is pure poppycock (remember the horns), she seems to be confused as to which party believes in law and order. As to wait times to vote, I don’t see this as a partisan issue. It’s up to the state and local officials to assign voting precincts and polling sites as well as hours they will be open and if this is onerous you can always ask for an absentee ballot. In other words, in high density democratic strongholds it is inherent on democrats to make sure they can accommodate all who desire to vote. A voter ID is not detrimental to Americans exercising their right to vote, but it may be a problem for those that wait until election day to jump through the hoops to prove they have the right to cast a ballot.
Dan Paterson

Thanks for supporting Recovery events


Our last leg of our trifecta and our first in-person live event has ended with many decked out in Star War’s garb. This was a fun opportunity for us to celebrate those in recovery due to a substance abuse or mental health challenge while being active during this very challenging and difficult year! It is with much appreciation I want to thank all our participants who participated in this month’s Moving for Recovery Event and for those who attended all three of our Recovery events either virtually or in-person. Great job!

Many kudos to Carson Valley Medical Center for partnering with us this year and providing snacks at our live in-person 5K. We are working together to improve the lives of our community by offering behavioral health services ensuring families can be provided quality timely services.

Thank you to Lisa Whear, TYFS Advisory Council member and owner of Stor-All who drove our float in the parade and made sure all our sponsors received fantastic publicity.

Thank you to Anytime Fitness for being our Premier Sponsor. Their generosity allowed Tahoe Youth & Family Services to provide fun swag to all participants that we all will enjoy for months to come. Kudos to C.O.D. Casino for helping us advertise our event on their marque and to Kellyn Bricker by providing the electronic “know how” in putting this event together with her amazing computer skills.

Thank you to Cooperative Extension for making all our signs so we could acknowledge all our sponsors and businesses who supported us during this crazy year. We also want to thank Walgreens for allowing us to use their parking lot to start and end our race, yeah! I would like to thank Patrick Riegel, a member of Troop No. 495 who held the American Flag for us as we sang the National Anthem. Kudos to Yogurt Beach for providing free yogurt for our winners of our event and finally, I would like to thank Belinda Photography who graciously took photo’s so, we have wonderful memories of this event.

Due to the fundraising challenges, we faced caused by COVID, our sponsors were extremely generous this year by going above and beyond. It is clear they understand the need in our community for affordable Mental Health & Substance Abuse Services. The following sponsors helped this event be successful: Bing Materials, Carson Valley Accounting, Coffee on Main, Cynthia & Ricky Decarlo, Intero Real Estate, Les Schwab, State Farm and Stor-All

Thank you all for your generosity, support and caring.

Kudos to Tahoe Youth & Family Services Fundraising committee whose generosity with both their time and talents was amazing. Our success in large part is due to all their hard work and passion for our mission.

This year has been difficult for many who daily face recovery from substance abuse and mental health challenges. Let us all remember recovery is not linear and there will always be challenges but with perseverance and support you can succeed. Remember Tahoe Youth & Family Services is only a phone call away. Reach out now and start a new chapter in your life by calling us at (775)782-4202 or (530)541-2445. We do not judge but instead hold out our hand to offer support and help you stay accountable to yourself.

Karen Carey

Tahoe Youth & Family.


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