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Trump supporter’s pickup vandalized

Someone painted the word “Traitor” in big black letters on the side of a pickup truck sometime on Friday night.
The pickup was parked at a Gardnerville home along U.S. Highway 395 located next door to a convenience store.
According to the sheriff’s report, the owner said she drove the pickup to work on Saturday morning before she realized it had been vandalized using what the deputy believed was spray paint.
The pickup was parked at about 3:30 p.m. Jan. 29. While there were footprints in the snow behind the truck, the deputy said there wasn’t sufficient detail to determine a brand of shoe. He obtained video from the neighboring store, but that didn’t show the house or the truck in the driveway. He said his review didn’t show that anyone walked from the parking lot to the home next door.
The home has numerous flags supporting former President Trump hanging on the fence, and the owner believes the truck was targeted because of that.
Anyone with information about any criminal activity in Douglas County may call Secret Witness at 775-782-7463. The truck owner is offering a reward.

• A Gardnerville man appeared in East Fork Justice Court where he faces new felonies.
Freddie Clarke was arrested on a warrant accusing him of an alternative sentencing violation on Friday afternoon.
He faces charges of conspiracy to violate the Uniformed Controlled Substances Act and possession of a controlled substance.
Clarke has been arrested three times in the last seven months, including in August when he allegedly pushed a man down and got into his vehicle and drove toward a couple in a sufficiently threatening manner that they drew their firearms.
Clarke was arrested Dec. 7 after he was pulled over and deputies found drugs on him.
Justice of the Peace Cassandra Jones set Clarke’s bail at $25,000 bondable.

• A homeless man who set a warming fire at a north Douglas County church while waiting for them to open is facing charges of destruction of property and trespassing.
The man was arrested Sunday morning. He told East Fork Justice of the Peace Cassandra Jones that he lit a fire to stay warm.
“I was camping out behind one of their buildings waiting for them to open,” he said.


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