Dec. 23, 2021, R-C Letters to the Editor


Let’s try living by the Golden Rule


Many schools of thought have a similar adage about loving your neighbor as yourself. It’s quite evident to me that not many people love themselves based on how they treat others. The lack of civility in our country has reached crescendo proportions. It’s reflected in our media in the form of snarky judgments, blame, self-righteousness and a message that we are the victim of whatever side with which they disagree. Liberals are accused of being condescending. Conservatives are accused of being stupid and mean-spiritedness is given free reign. I believe people who love themselves don’t need to demean or diminish others in order to feel good about themselves. 

I have no intention of buying into the kind of mindset that would have me believe conservatives are the enemy and don’t love democracy, just as conservatives have been fed the mindset that liberals are to be feared and they don’t love their country. 

I recently read this written by the Dalai Lama in his book “A Call for Revolution.”

“Every religion persists in cultivating that which divides us, instead of uniting us around what brings us together. None has succeeded in creating a better human being, or a better world. That is why now, in 2017, I have no qualms about telling you that there is an urgent need to go beyond religion. It is possible to live without religion, but can one live without love and compassion? The answer is no. As science has proved, the need for compassion is a fundamental biological human imperative.”

He then goes on to call for a Revolution of Compassion... compassion for all people and for our planet. 

I would like to think his condemnation of religions isn’t true, but I don’t know. I believe the Dalai Lama to be an incredible human being, a shining example of kindness and compassion. He is the leader of a world religion. And yet, his message is that being compassionate, and loving is more important than the religion you hold. That, I believe without qualification.

It’s a challenge to have compassion for all people. It requires a level of love, understanding, and a willingness to forgive the unforgivable. Over 2,000 years ago there was a spiritual teacher who exemplified that, who refused to be manipulated, who refused to resort to violence. He taught the sins of the father are not carried on by their progeny. He taught that forgiveness can be enough when accompanied by remorse and a willingness to change. Not punishment, just change. 

In this holiday season with traditional resolutions for the new year, let’s challenge ourselves to be more civil with less blaming and self-righteousness. Let’s not wait for our news media to start first. Let’s resolve to converse rather than tirade, to listen to understand rather than listen to dispute. We can make 2022 a new beginning of understanding and compassion. Let’s lead by example to end the incivility and divisiveness that has plagued our country.

Joan Costa 


Beef improves quality of life


Guy Farmer asked “How does a slaughterhouse improve our quality of life?” (Nevada Appeal, Dec. 18). I realize the topic of concern is about a satisfactory location and I’m sympathetic with all legitimate objections. But he and “public opinion” might be more supportive of the need knowing how many of their “quality of life” necessities are partially made from beef by-products: 

Household Items – deodorants, detergents, creams and lotions, glue, crayons, insulation, linoleum, paper, soaps, shaving cream.

Pharmaceuticals – Chymotrypsin for healing of burns/wounds, Cortisol anti-inflammatory, Glucagon, Heparin, Pancreatin, Thrombin, and blood factor drugs. 

Travel – tires, auto/jet/outboard engine oils and lubricants and brake fluid, biodiesel/biofuel, asphalt and antifreeze. 

Textiles – leather, shoes/boots, belts, purses, wallets, gloves, sports equipment, furniture upholstery. 

In addition, beef is a “power” food which gives the most nutrients for calories consumed for energy... Zinc, Iron, Protein (ZIP). It is also one of the best sources of B vitamins necessary for a healthy nervous system and fighting infection. 

(Reference: WOW that COW brochure, Nevada Beef Council, Carson City)

Cattle make significant contributions to our very lives. We all need a “solution we can live with” to “process” them, not just ranchers. They are so much more than just a “damn cow,” sir. 

Joy Uhart


Not in the constitution but nearly


Jim Hartman mistakenly said in a recent commentary that the right to an abortion was in the state constitution. It is not in the constitution. That would be the best protection. Next best is what we have now. In 1990, the citizens of Nevada voted on a referendum to codify NRS 442.250 which allows a woman’s right to an abortion. The vote on that referendum was an overwhelming 201,004 to 117,707 nearly 65 percent of the vote to maintain NRS 442.250. It is not subject to legislative amendment or repeal. 

Maggie Tracey 


Inflation, blame is shared


One political party blaming the other party for inflation while claiming innocence is hypocritical and guilty of “scapegoating” to hide their share of the guilt in the cause for continuous inflation. They are both to blame for inflation.

Over some 60-plus years the United States money supply has increased over 80 times greater than the population. Have you ever considered that houses costing less than $30,000 not too many years back can now sell for near or more than $1 million? There has been sufficient increase in the money supply to meet these inflated prices.

When the government needs more money than they receive from taxes the U.S. Treasury goes to the Federal Reserve which creates money from thin air and loans it to the government. The government then spends the created money placing it in circulation. In plain language, the loan is an increase in the national debt which is an increase in the money supply.

With an ever-increasing supply of money to meet inevitable rising price pressures, inflation will be endless. With the money supply remaining constant prices would only increase to the extent that there is sufficient money to meet the price demands.

It should be kept in mind that linkage between cause and effect in economics is elastic and not mechanical. An effect from a particular causation probably will not be felt all at once and may not fully occur for months to years after the cause. 

Before the GOP blames the Democrats for creating inflation with their current over-spending, they should look to the last four-year GOP administration, the national debt increased over $7 trillion. That equates to an increase in the money supply in excess of $80,000 for each family of four in the entire United States. Someone initially owns this increased money and it “ain’t” the average American family. 

Major effects on inflation by this past increase in the money supply is now beginning to be felt. Current inflation is primarily fueled by past deficit government spending not current economic actions. However, if current practices are being paid by created money this will be the cause for future inflation. 

The national debt has increased every year except three out of the last 70. Both political parties have alternately been in power for significant periods during this span and are equally guilty of fueling ever spiraling inflation by increasing the national debt. 

Ben Justus



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